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Wrap gifts | 5 charming ideas for Christmas

Wrap gifts |  5 charming ideas for Christmas

Gift wrapping is just as important as the tree or the Christmas decoration. Although there is a wide choice of gift wrapping paper in various and varied colors and patterns in the trade, we have to face the facts: gifts lack that little personal touch.

To give your gifts that little extra something, no need for overloaded wrapping paper. Just grab the simplest paper you can get along with common DIY utensils and you’re ready to start wrapping. In the video we show you 5 different ideas to wrap your gifts in an extraordinary way with simple tips.

It doesn’t matter whether your gift is a gingerbread house, a reindeer or a snowman: With these ideas, your package (whose wrapping is already a gift) will certainly be the most beautiful under the Christmas tree.

Christmas gift wrapping ideas© Media Partisans

Still haven’t found the right packaging idea for your Christmas present? Then one of these three Christmas gift wraps will make you happy.

Christmas is the time to put on your thirty-one. The icing on the cake for your Christmas outfit: varnish! Here are 4 nail polishes in Christmas colors.

Are you still missing an original gift idea for Christmas? So take a look at these ideas of creations with old sweaters!

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