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Tips with Coca-Cola that make your daily life easier

Tips with Coca-Cola that make your daily life easier

Coca-Cola is probably the world’s most loved and hated soft drink! Aside from its rather pleasant taste, we’ll show you why you absolutely must have a bottle in your home. Here are seven household chores that you will accomplish with Coke, we show you:

1. Burnt pan

Soak your burnt pan overnight in Coke. Then rinse it off with water the next day and it will shine like a new penny.

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2. Attract ants away from food

Place a bowl of Coca-Cola near your fruit basket. The ants will be attracted to the smell of the sugar in the drink and end up in the trap.

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3. Remove the chewing gum under the shoe

Pour a sip of Coca-Cola over the gum and it will easily come off your sole.

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4. Remove the chewing gum from the hair

Soak the part of the hair with the chewing gum in Coke for 20 seconds, then you can easily remove it.

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5. Clean the glasses

Use Coke to clean the lenses of your glasses. Then rinse them with water and dry them.

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6. Give a vintage look to photos

Soak your photos in Coca-Cola overnight and dry them the next day. This will give them a slight sepia effect.

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7. Make granita with Coca-Cola

Shake the bottle of Coke and put it in the freezer for 3 hours. Then briefly open the bottle, close it immediately and turn it over. You can now watch the cola turn into granita.

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We can not deny that Coke is really magic product, especially for the maintenance of the house! Treat yourself to a little drink from time to time and then use the rest to take care of the household chores that weigh on you! At work !

Also with Coke, you can also bake wonderful cakes. Or clean the toilet in no time. Here you will find even more uses for Coke in the household.

Or a dessert that looks like a bottle of Coca-Cola? Here is a bottle of edible chocolate Coca-Cola.

You can also have some pretty cool experiments with Coke. Perfect for the next kids birthday party!

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Even the most stubborn grease stains are removed from your clothes with Coke. More info here: 8 Home Remedies To Remove Stains.

You can do such great things with empty plastic bottles. Like this pretty fairy house made from an empty plastic bottle.

For even more ingenious ideas with empty plastic bottles, check out the following tips.

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