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These 12 fashion standards are here to be broken

These 12 fashion standards are here to be broken

Although many of them have long since become obsolete, new fashion standards are emerging from who knows where. And yet, one would think that everything should be allowed, especially in the world of fashion!

While trends are constantly evolving and changing, there is one thing we can be sure about when it comes to fashion: the rules are there to be broken.

Here you will find the 12 most common fashion myths that need to be broken:

1. Black makes you look older

Dark colors would accentuate wrinkles and dark circles. This lady proves just the opposite!

2. We must not mix gold and silver.

Know one thing: combining metals is the order of the day. In addition, it is even better to wear the rings, necklaces and bracelets on top of each other as shown below.

3. The oversize is only suitable for tall and thin people.

The myth that oversized clothing is only suitable for thin people is… old fashioned. And rightly so! The oversize suits everyone. Tip: combine an oversized garment with a piece that is closer to the body.

4. Avoid overlapping pieces with different patterns.

When we are In, we combine different models, because it’s just cool.

5. Navy blue and black don’t go together.

The combination of black and navy had a bad reputation before. But today, it’s quite modern to wear them at the same time.

6. The sequins are only reserved for the evening.

You can also shine during the day. It’s best to limit glittery accessories to one piece and keep it simple on the rest. And There you go !

7. Glasses are not sexy.

Model Emily Ratajkowski knows it: glasses can be sexy. Like all other fashion accessories, it depends on how you wear them.

8. The shoes and the bag must match.

Matching shoes and bag is a thing of the past. Combine different colors and patterns and you are good to go.

9. Only tall people can wear dresses and long pants.

False! Whether it’s a dress or long pants, it all depends on the fit. The morphology has nothing to do with it.

10. Tights or socks in open shoes are prohibited.

Tights or socks in open shoes are certainly daring, but in fashion!

11. Some clothes are only suitable for particular age groups.

In the past, trends determined what was age-appropriate and what was not. But those days are over! Today it’s not what you wear that matters, but how you wear it, and a “you’re too old for that” is no longer an issue in today’s fashion world.

12. Women look more stylish with high heels.

There is plenty of evidence to disprove this fashion myth. “Being feminine” does not depend on a woman’s shoes in any way.

White High Heels

Dressing as you like is the order of the day! We do not even know very well who established these standards, in any case, they are has been! Live and dress how you want! The important thing is to feel good.

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