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Simple magic tricks that will amaze everyone

Simple magic tricks that will amaze everyone

Everyone knows a magic trick or two. And you’ve probably already flaunted your magical skills at a party or a child’s birthday party. It is very easy to amaze young and old with quick movements and skillful hands. The following 6 magic tricks are so simple that anyone can do them. And in the end, you end up with a stunned audience. Try !

1. Around the room

In the workshop :

At work !

1.1 Place the coin on top of your left hand.

put a coin on the left hand© Media Partisans

1.2 Now place your right thumb on the coin and push it inside your left hand with your index finger.

hold the coin with the right hand© Media Partisans

1.3 If you do this move very quickly, it will appear that the coin magically appears in the palm of your hand.

make the room appear© Media Partisans

2. Change the water into ice cubes

In the workshop :

  • Cup
  • Glass
  • Sponge
  • Cutter
  • Water
  • Ice cubes

At work !

2.1 Cut a small sponge so that its size matches the bottom of a cup. Then place the cut sponge into the cup.

cut a sponge© Media Partisans

2.2 Put ice cubes in the cup on the sponge.

put the ice cubes in the cup© Media Partisans

2.3 Now pour water into the cup and wait briefly for the sponge to absorb the water.

pour water into the cup© Media Partisans

2.4 When you empty the cup, it looks like the water has turned to ice cubes instantly.

pour the ice cubes into the glass© Media Partisans

3. Make wax crayons disappear

In the workshop :

  • A packet of crayons
  • A piece of cardboard or wood
  • Hot glue

At work !

3.1 Cut all wax crayons in half in the middle so that they are all the same length.

cut the crayons in half© Media Partisans

3.2 Glue the half wax crayons in two rows on a piece of cardboard or wood. The coin size must fit in the package.

glue the pencils on a piece of cardboard© Media Partisans

3.3 Place the pencils on the piece of cardboard or wood in the packaging and exert light pressure with your hand on the sides of the packaging so that the piece with the pencils does not slide directly onto the bottom of the packaging. As soon as you release the pressure, the pencils fall off and it looks like they’re gone.

pencils that disappear© Media Partisans

4. Make a match disappear

In the workshop :

At work !

4.1 Glue the bottom of a match to the end of your thumbnail. If you then bend your thumb, the match will appear, if you straighten it, it will disappear. Just do the movements fast enough and it looks like magic.

make a match disappear© Media Partisans

5. Ticket and card tour

In the workshop :

  • Bank note
  • 2 playing cards
  • Scissors

At work !

5.1 Cut a playing card in half. Then glue half of the card behind an entire card. Tape them together so that you can still fold the half card.

cut a card in half© Media Partisans

5.2 Fold the bill lengthwise in the middle.

fold a bill in half© Media Partisans

5.3 Now you can put the folded note between the two cards and it looks like the note is going through the card.

pass the ticket between the cards© Media Partisans

6. Flying LEGO brick

In the workshop :

  • Lego brick
  • Worn nylon stockings
  • Double-sided adhesive tape

At work !

6.1 Pull a nylon thread from the bottom. Glue a small piece of duct tape to the bottom of the LEGO brick.

pulling the thread of an old nylon stocking© Media Partisans

6.2 Tape the thin nylon thread onto the LEGO brick.

tape the wire on a lego© Media Partisans

6.3 Now glue one end of the nylon thread to a table, for example, and the other end to another piece of furniture, for example a lamp, nearby. This way it feels like the brick is floating in the air.

flying lego© Media Partisans

In the video you can see even more tips. In addition, you will find 10 more magic tricks, perfect for any small party.

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