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Our 22 best tips for Easter

Our 22 best tips for Easter

How time flies ! Easter is already around the corner and to celebrate this traditional spring holiday, we’ve put together our 22 best Easter tips. Because Easter is synonymous with crafts and it is not limited to egg painting. We have some DIY ideas that will make your Easter party unforgettable!

1-3. 3 new DIY ideas with cement for Easter

Easter is coming in the next few days and you need some decoration ideas for the occasion? Here are three super simple, yet effective cement Easter decorations ideas for a beautifully decorated family party.

cement easter decorations© Media Partisans

4. An original idea to “hide” Easter eggs

The trick of the day could be considered magical. But every sleight of hand has its secret. For Easter, we have concocted a pretty woolen basket in which to place eggs for the little ones and maybe even some big ones.

wool easter eggs© Media Partisans

5. Turn the fork, cup and saucer into a floating decoration for Easter

Perhaps you are still looking for the icing on the cake for this year’s Easter decoration? You will find it here.

easter floating decoration© Media Partisans

6. A creative Easter decoration with toilet paper

Decorating the house and garden is as much a part of the Easter holiday as the egg hunt. You can, of course, find many decorations for the occasion in stores, but it is also interesting and more fun to make them yourself. We suggest you try this pretty Easter egg in toilet paper.

creative easter decoration with toilet paper© Media Partisans

7-10. Easter decoration: 4 great ideas

Easter is fast approaching and you don’t have a suitable decoration yet? No problem, because we have put together a lot of great Easter decorating ideas for you, which you can easily reproduce: Easter eggs to hang, plants in eggshells and pretty wreaths with candles in the shape of a candle. ‘egg. There is bound to be something that you will like!

easter wreath© Media Partisans

11. Recycle an Easter bunny vase jar

Supermarket shelves are overflowing with bunnies, eggs and all kinds of Easter products. But no need to spend a fortune to liven up the day. With a little creativity and recycling, we offer you a very simple idea to do with the little ones (or alone). Instructions for the Easter vase can be found here.

easter bunny vase© Media Partisans

12-17. 6 ideas for decorating Easter eggs in an original way

At Easter, some people have a habit of decorating eggs and their creativity is limitless. Except that it can happen that we do the trick quickly, so if you want to change the decoration of Easter eggs this year, or if you are looking for a new inspiration, you are in the right place. Do you want to make cute little creations? Or do you prefer something a little more exotic with cacti and fruit? Here are six ideas that will make your Easter eggs look great this year.

ideas for decorating Easter eggs in an original way© Media Partisans

18-22. 5 unique ideas for Easter eggs

What is the Easter tradition? Paint and look for the eggs of course! Today we invite you to decorate your Easter eggs in an original way especially for the occasion. Tips to do alone or with the family.

unique ideas for easter eggs© Media Partisans

Celebrate the return of spring with our 22 best DIY Easter ideas! Expect to see daffodils and cherry trees blooming amid hares and Easter eggs, all under a warm sun. Happy Easter !

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