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old furniture by the road looking for a new owner

old furniture by the road looking for a new owner

The New York Instagram account Stooping NYC specializes in the recovery of furniture and household items. The custom in this city is to leave furniture that you no longer want in the street in order to give the opportunity to some to get them. Stooping NYC transmits the address where the objects are seen on the street to allow interested people to come and help themselves. And you will see that some finds are REALLY worth it!

The following 20 photos give a little insight into the diversity of Stooping NYC’s offerings.

1. A super chic sofa!

2. “Do we all agree that this man is a legend?”

3. A piano … free … like that in the street!

4. A royal ensemble! If you have a palace, these seats will be perfect in your interior.

5. A slightly damaged piece of furniture, but still very pretty!

6. What is hiding in this old chest?

7. Original this comode!

8. A unique piece of furniture!

9. Have you seen this before?

10. A very practical and decorative piece of furniture, found on the street.

11. Not bad this clock!

12. Some self-service vinyls …

13. The cat is rather a fan of this mirror found on the sidewalk!

14. There is something for everyone.

15. This woman was very lucky with “Stooping”. On the street, she found a dismantled frame for a four-poster bed and brought it home. The result is quite impressive!

Instagram / Stooping NYC

16. Oh wow!

17. “A majestic and chic armchair waiting to find a place in a new castle.”

18. Simple, but super practical.

19. Can we do more chic?

20. Perhaps a table with legs is the new trend?

It would have been a shame to throw away these finds! The people who collected this furniture, in addition to being lucky, saved a lot of money. Do you think a site like Stooping NYC would be useful in France?

Here you will find even more tips on interior design and other furniture ideas:

Cover images: © Instagram / Stooping NYC, ©Instagram / Stooping NYC

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