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Make stained glass with window paint

Make stained glass with window paint

Have you ever been in a large cathedral and marveled at all those colorful windows? The stained glass windows transform the ambient light in a very special way and create an almost magical atmosphere. If your windows at home seem too boring, then pay attention. In just a few steps, you can transform your windows into works of art with window paint.

In the workshop :

  • Model
  • Tape
  • Window paint (several colors)

At work !

1. First print the template and adapt it to the dimensions of your window.

model to print© Media Partisans

2. If possible, unhook the window. Otherwise, you can paint it standing up.

unhook the window© Media Partisans

3. Glue the template to the outside of the glass.

stick the model on the glass© Media Partisans

4. Then, using the different colors on the inside of the window, start by drawing the lines and then fill in the spaces. Let the lines dry for at least an hour before you start doing the rest. Once everything is done, let the paint dry for 24 hours. You can then hang up your window.

finished stained glass© Media Partisans

Don’t you find that awesome? Like in a cathedral or a traditional pub. The light from outside and the bright colors of the window are the most beautiful effect. You absolutely must try it!

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