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Make a chimney house with a juice brick

Make a chimney house with a juice brick

We have shown you time and time again that empty juice bricks are begging to be recycled. You can use them to make candles or make pretty flower arrangements. But now here is the ultimate Christmas decoration, made possible by empty juice bricks. We will show you how to make a pretty house with fireplace that will spread the sweet scent of Christmas in your interior. It doesn’t take much for this beautiful Christmas decoration. And don’t forget: making your own Christmas decorations is also part of the spirit of this holiday.

In the workshop :

  • 2 empty juice bricks of different sizes
    (1 with 4 sides of the same size and 1 with sides of different sizes)
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Acrylic paint and brush
  • Decorative stars
  • Decorative adhesive tape
  • White felt
  • Floral foam
  • Incense sticks

At work !

1. First, thoroughly rinse the brick with all four sides of the same size. Then draw a circle (future window) at the top and a rectangle (future door) at the bottom.

draw 1 door and 1 window on the brick© Media Partisans

2. Flatten the bottom of the brick and cut off the bottom surface. Save this rectangular piece for later.

cut the bottom of the brick© Media Partisans

3. Cut out the window and door with the cutter. Attention: do not detach it entirely.

cut the door and window© Media Partisans

4. Now paint everything with acrylic paint, even the floor you cut in step 2. This will be the fireplace. Let everything dry.

hang it all© Media Partisans

5. Roll up the cutout bottom and insert it into the opening in the brick.

roll the fon and put it in the opening© Media Partisans

6. Now cut out one of the long sides of the other brick and fold this piece in the middle. Cut a hole in the middle of this piece on one side.

cut a hole in the other brick© Media Partisans

7. Place the folded part on the roof so that the chimney protrudes and glue a few stars on it.

use the small piece to make the roof© Media Partisans

8. Decorate the house as you like with decorative tape and white patterns.

decorate the house© Media Partisans

9. Now put an incense stick in a piece of floral foam, light it and place the house on top.

3 houses with fireplace© Media Partisans

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