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Make a candy-free advent calendar

Make a candy-free advent calendar

Whether you are young or old, the same question arises every year: do you need an advent calendar? The answer is YES, of course! We’re going to show you that an advent calendar doesn’t have to be full of sweets. Using the Jenga board game, we have come up with a nice calendar that will allow you to wait quietly until Christmas, even without sweets.

In the workshop :

  • Jenga
  • Red, black, white and orange paint
  • Brush
  • Wine box
  • Hot glue
  • Foam rubber
  • Glue
  • Plywood panel
  • Several small wooden slats

At work !

1. Paint 24 of the blocks with red paint and number them from 1 to 24.

paint and number 24 wooden pieces© Media Partisans

2. Saw the wine crate lengthwise down the middle, then use a jigsaw to cut 12 rectangular holes on both sides of the back half of the crate, large enough for a block of wood to fit through. .

saw 24 holes in a wine box© Media Partisans

3. Now remove the “cover” on top.

remove the box cover© Media Partisans

4. Now paint the back part of the wine box with red, black and orange paint so that it looks like a brick wall. It will serve as a fireplace.

paint the crate like a fireplace© Media Partisans

5. Glue two black painted wooden slats, as wide as the crate, to the bottom of the box.

glue 2 small black slats© Media Partisans

6. Glue a small square consisting of four white painted wooden slats to the top edge of the box.

glue a white square at the end© Media Partisans

7. Now place the numbered blocks in the holes on both sides: in ascending order from left to right and top to bottom. The number stays outside the box.

put the blocks in the holes© Media Partisans

8. Cut two Christmas socks out of foam rubber and glue them to the two black slats.

cut out and glue rubber socks© Media Partisans

9. Draw a Santa Claus on a small sheet of plywood and cut it out.

draw and cut a plywood santa claus© Media Partisans

10. Glue an as yet unpainted wooden block from Jenga onto Santa’s back.

stick a block on Santa's back© Media Partisans

11. Now place the box with the blocks. If you take out one block per day in the correct order starting on December 1, Santa will always go down a little more until he comes out of the fireplace on December 24. Isn’t that wonderful?

wooden advent calendar© Media Partisans

We also show you how to make an advent calendar from clothespins and wooden boards.

You can also make an advent calendar made from toilet paper rolls.

And if that still doesn’t suit you, you can always make your own advent calendar in book form.

The more DIY can also try the advent calendar in the shape of a cable car.

Finally, you can also make an advent calendar from empty plastic bottles.

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