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Homemade Christmas Gift Tree

Homemade Christmas Gift Tree

Finding the perfect gift is hard, especially when you’re looking for something to give a person you don’t see that often, but one thing’s for sure: money’s always a safe bet! Yes, gifting cash actually makes a lot of sense because it gives the person on the receiving end the impetus to just treat themselves for once. And that feeling in and of itself is gift enough. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about giving cash for Christmas. Simply sliding a few bucks into an envelope is pretty unimaginative and boring. It might come off as uncaring, almost as though you didn’t make any effort and were too lazy to come up with a different present. So it’s really important to find the right form in which to present the money. You can turn the bills into bouquets, butterflies, and more – you just need a little bit of finesse and creativity!

That’s where this project comes in. We’re going to show you how to turn a standard cardboard box into a multi-tiered Christmas tree completely covered in candy! The highlight is obviously the tree topper, which is where that glorious cash is hidden. This true Christmas miracle of a present is sure to wow whoever is lucky enough to get it. After all, who doesn’t love candy and money? Especially when it’s presented in such a unique and lovely way! Merry Christmas!

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