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Give money wrapped in a Christmas tree

Give money wrapped in a Christmas tree

Regardless of age, when you offer someone money, they are usually happy! Sometimes it’s hard to find the right gift, especially for people you don’t see often. Therefore, money is often the better choice. However, putting the money in an envelope lacks a bit of fancy. There are endless possibilities for wrapping tickets creatively. Bouquet of flowers, star or butterfly: with a little skill and creativity, you can wrap money beautifully.

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We’ll show you how to turn an ordinary gift wrap into a multi-tiered Christmas tree fully filled with your favorite treats. The icing on the cake: the tip that contains the silver. This masterpiece will surely delight the lucky recipient. Who is not satisfied when they receive their favorite chocolate and money? And all done with a lot of love. Merry Christmas !

Christmas balls, garlands, stars, so many decoration classics that you can admire every year on the Christmas tree. But how about some edible Christmas tree decorations? Here we present four edible Christmas ornament ideas.

The right decoration on the table is at least as important as the menu at Christmas. Here you will find 5 festive ways to fold napkins for Christmas.

You can also give a second life to an old sweater! You can turn it into a sock, glove, or bracelet. Very good ideas for Christmas: 5 DIY ideas with an old sweater,

A truly sustainable alternative for a Christmas tree: create your Christmas tree from a pallet.

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