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Decipher the attitudes of your interlocutor

Decipher the attitudes of your interlocutor

Who has never dreamed of reading another person’s mind? Sometimes we would love to know what the one opposite thinks!

For that, there are a few little tips that can be really useful.

1. The eyes.

“The eyes are the reflection of the soul” we are used to reading. The eyes of the other, indeed, can say a lot. It’s a part of our face that we can’t control.

When you see the opposite eyes shining, it is because it betrays an extreme feeling, a happiness or a deep emotion. And if in addition the wrinkles at the corners of the eyes appear, it is a strong sign of an emotion of joy, a positive response to a touch of humor or to good news.

The eyelids can say a lot too: eyelids well down on the eyes indicate boredom or fatigue. On the contrary, fully raised eyelids added to arched eyebrows betray deep sadness or dismay.

The direction of the gaze, finally, is essential: when the person in front looks into yours with their eyes wide open, it means that they are attentive and focused on what you are saying. Or, that you have very beautiful light blue irises!
A look up or to the right means boredom. A glance at the ground to the left betrays a deep reflection.

When the eyes are narrowed, smaller, it is because your interlocutor is skeptical… but if the chin is down, it is because he is hitting on you with a seductive gaze.

And finally, when the pupils dilate in the other and he opens his lips, his heart starts to beat hard and chills run through his body … You are in front of a surge of desire !

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2. The mouth

An open or bitten mouth signifies passion or intense thinking. It is rather a positive gesture!

A pinched or crooked mouth signifies disagreement, mistrust, or unease. Be careful.

A downward mouth betrays boredom or worry while a rising corner signifies that you are being done well.

3. The arms

Crossed arms obviously indicate antipathy, but they can also be a sign of unease or shyness: the person in front of you may just not know what to do with their hanging arms!

Hands on hips betray great self-confidence or authority. If, on the other hand, the second hand is attached to the wrist which holds the hip, it is also a way of “putting one’s arms somewhere”, without going so far as to cross them.

Hands crossed or fingers raised to the face mean intense reflection, often in the face of a dilemma situation.

4. The feet

They are very easy to decipher: the position of the toes indicate where the person’s intention or interest goes. If, for example, you talk to your boss who has his toes turned towards the secretary behind you, it’s because she interests him more than you!
Likewise, open-sided feet indicate attention and self-confidence. Tucked in feet with the tips facing each other betray a closure or a timidity.

You are now ready to become a perfect mentalist! Some have real gifts for it, but with a little care, you can get there quickly just as well. So, observe your fellows and you will be able to read them as in an open book!

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