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Clean your washing machine with natural products

Clean your washing machine with natural products

Over time, washing machines get damaged and eventually give up the ghost if nothing is done to maintain them at a minimum. Indeed, after years of washing dirty clothes, it is normal for mold and lime to build up. Here are some tips for taking care of your machine, in the most natural way possible:

1. The porthole door

From the first day of use, a washing machine is prone to the appearance of mold. Even with the most powerful of cycles, the drum still retains a little water which can lead to lime deposits and the appearance of mold if it does not dry out. The best solution is therefore to leave the door of your machine open between cycles. The fresh air will help the machine to dry quickly and prevent bad odors.


2. The door seal

The seal of the machine generally receives the parts, buttons, jewelry and other small things that are lying in our pockets. However, if this seal receives too many things, it risks overflowing and the lost objects could wander in the drum during a cycle. Not only does it make noise, but it can also cause damage to the drum and the seal. The best solution is therefore to check that the pockets of our clothes are empty before putting them in the machine. To keep the joint clean and fresh, clean it occasionally with a cleaning product. And to avoid bad odors, do not hesitate to dry it with a dry cloth at the end of each cycle.


3. The laundry compartments

The various compartments for detergent and fabric softener can be a problem. Over time, the residue will inevitably become moldy. The best solution is therefore to clean these compartments regularly, to do this, there is now a system on the machines which makes it possible to easily remove the compartments in question for cleaning.

Memories of university days: When you always used liquid detergent in the drum and look into that part of the machine for the first time

4. Remove limescale

Leaving the door open will reduce the chance of mold and lime growth, but not completely prevent it. This is why it is important to get rid of lime on a regular basis in order to ensure that the drum and other internal parts of the machine in contact with water do not get damaged due to the lime. By doing so, you extend the life of your device.

The best product to get rid of lime deposits is lemon juice. Pour 7 to 8 tablespoons of juice into the drum and start a normal cycle (just with the juice). If you don’t have lemon juice, white vinegar is just as effective. You just need to pour it into the fabric softener compartment during a hot wash (90 ° preferably).

The more calcareous the water in your area, the more it is advisable to clean it regularly. For regions where the water is less calcareous, twice a year is more than enough.

mmm - looks interesting

5. The flow filter

The main reason machines break down is a clogged filter. That is why it is very important to clean it every two months. When you want to open it to clean it, take a dry cloth to mop up any water residue.

Once opened, remove as much lint and gunk as you can and run it in hot water to remove all fine particles. When you are done, dry it with a tea towel and place it back in the machine. Tighten well to avoid any risk of leakage.

The procedure may vary according to the machine models, but one thing is certain, you should not skimp on the means and always clean the filter, especially if you have pets …


We always have to take care of our things if we want them to return it to us. With these tips, you are sure to keep your washing machine for as long as possible. And isn’t that a good thing for the savings? So what are you waiting for?

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