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car air freshener in just 2 steps

car air freshener in just 2 steps

Nobody likes bad smells in the car, but they are often unavoidable: gym bags, pets or even the little one’s sandwiches leave an unpleasant odor.

Deodorant trees or open windows are never the best solution: either because you cannot constantly roll the windows open, or because the smell of the fir tree is so artificial that it makes you feel sick. So how do you do it? The solution is simple: just attach a clothespin to a ventilation outlet.


How it works ? Just pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil directly onto the clothespin. Make sure especially that it is made of wood, so that the essential oil can penetrate into the material. As soon as you turn on the ventilation, a relaxing sweet scent will spread throughout the car.


With this trick, goodbye to bad smells in the car! It’s easy, healthy, economical and we can change our scent whenever we want!

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