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9 problematic housing trends

9 problematic housing trends

What should you take into account when visiting an apartment? First of all, of course, it’s a matter of checking hard facts, like the size of the apartment, the price, the location, the surroundings and its general condition. There is also the furnishings that you should have in mind. Because, when visiting an apartment, we are often dazzled by additional elements that are anything but practical in everyday life. The following 9 points should therefore be part of your checklist when visiting an apartment.

1. Carpet everywhere

Carpet immediately gives a home or apartment a more welcoming feel, but it’s not really hygienic if thousands of pairs of shoes have walked on it. In addition, damaged flooring can also hide underneath.

2. Open space

An open space immediately gives the impression that a house is bigger (and usually brighter). In everyday life, however, this type of arrangement has a number of drawbacks, ranging from the smell of food that permeates the whole house to the lack of privacy if it is a living room and of a combined bedroom and want to accommodate guests, for example.

Living Room & Kitchen

3. Countertop washbasin

Countertop sinks, whether round or square, look much more elegant than regular sinks. In terms of maintenance, however, they are a nightmare as they have more surface area that can get dirty and places are sometimes difficult to access. In addition, there is always the risk that the basic furniture will quickly be damaged by water.


4. Wallpapers with floral motifs

Wallpapers with large floral designs of course make a home more welcoming, especially when looking where there are few elements that catch the eye. However, wallpapers with large floral prints are very limiting when it comes to the style of the interior. For example, if you have rather modern furniture and prefer clean lines, the upholstery may not match your furniture at all.


5. Laminate

Laminate is a practical and easy to clean floor covering, but it also has its drawbacks. On the one hand, the laminate does not dampen the sound of footsteps, and on the other hand, it cannot be sanded if scratches appear. Finally, for many people it is less elegant than a natural wood or stone floor covering, although this is of course a matter of taste.

New laminate at the Fiala house

6. Blue kitchen

For a while you couldn’t escape the blue kitchens. Today, the trend is more for anthracite and black. When it comes to unusual colors and features, it’s always best to consider how long the trend is likely to last, or how long you can handle it, no matter how excited you are at first.

7. Refrigerator with ice maker

If everything else is in order, then a refrigerator with an ice maker is certainly not a determining factor in the purchase of a house or an apartment. However, you should not be blinded by this additional function. In the end, it does more work because you have to constantly ensure that the ground does not get wet.

Ice dispenser!

8. Bidet

Unless you’re a die-hard bidet fan, keep in mind that this accessory takes up a lot of bathroom space, not much.


9. Sliding windows

Sliding windows can be attractive at first glance, just because they are different. However, you have to keep in mind that in the long run it is hard to keep the interstices clean for them to function properly.


As you can see, these are the aspects that make a home particularly welcoming at first glance, make it stand out from the crowd, or offer special amenities that can quickly turn out to be impractical or fleeting trends.

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