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9 cooking tips that are worth their weight in gold

9 cooking tips that are worth their weight in gold

When it comes to working in the kitchen, there is one thing that we look for above all: simplicity. Since this is easier said than done, we’ll show you the most useful tips in one article.

Among the following 9 tips, you will find everything you will need to look at your kitchen with a smile in the future.

1. Cheesecake with Kinder eggs and red fruits

1. Cut a cake

Cutting a cake into even sized pieces is a real challenge. In the future, you won’t have to overcome this obstacle if you just use salad tongs to cut the cake, as all the pieces of cake will be more or less the same size. And the best part with this method: you don’t need a pie server, but you can position the pieces of cake on the plates with the salad tongs.

cut a cake with a salad tongs© Media Partisans

2. Return the omelet to the pan

Making an omelet is really simple, if only you didn’t have to turn it over in the pan … But if you slide the cooked side into the pan lid and then put it back on the pan, you can turn it over. omelet without accident. Ingenious, isn’t it?

flip an omelet© Media Partisans

3. Peel the hazelnuts

Peeling hazelnuts is an extremely tedious task. But not if you put them in a jar with the lid pierced. Close the jar with the lid, cover the hole and shake the jar back and forth until the shell separates from the hazelnuts. Then just place your vacuum cleaner tube over the hole and vacuum up the shells.

peel the hazelnuts© Media Partisans

4. Freeze minced meat

Freezing a large portion of ground meat is inconvenient, as most recipes tend to use small amounts. Just put a large portion of minced meat in a freezer bag, flatten it and divide it into small portions using a wooden spoon.

minced meat© Media Partisans

Then just freeze the minced meat and take out of the bag only the portions you really need. By the way, if you freeze your ground meat this way, you will also save a lot of space in the freezer. To prevent several bags of minced meat from wandering around in the freezer, simply place them in a magazine rack lying down.

minced meat in the freezer© Media Partisans

5. Do not dirty the grater

A grater is very practical, as it allows you to chop food in no time. The cleaning that follows is much less practical because the remains of food become encrusted in each hole. But you won’t have this problem if you just put the grater in a freezer bag when you use it: it will always stay clean.

put a bag on the grater© Media Partisans

6. Clean the pan

Stubborn dirt accumulates particularly in pots and pans. For easy cleaning, just put eggshells in the dirty cooking utensil. With a little washing up liquid, they do wonders, leaving behind glowing pots and pans.

stove© Media Partisans

7. Clean fruits and vegetables

If you want to eat fruits and vegetables with their skins on, it is not enough to wash them thoroughly and keep them under a stream of water for a few seconds. The most complete way to wash food is to use the following method:

Cut out the outlines of the cleaning gloves on a massage mat; if necessary, glue the cut-out massage mat to the cleaning glove.

cut a massage mat© Media Partisans

Now the fruits and vegetables get a gentle massage from you under the water jet and become really nice and clean!

rub the vegetables© Media Partisans

8. Measure the powder

Do you often put too much cocoa in milk or sugar in coffee? Time to act: cover the cocoa and sugar containers with a rubber band. Thanks to it, you can now easily remove the excess powder. Convenient, isn’t it?

put a rubber band around the container© Media Partisans

9. Make washing up easier

Is there a dried-out plate in the sink? To wash it, you don’t have to fill the entire sink with water, at least not if you have this gadget in the kitchen:

Cut off the end of a small plastic bottle and tape it to a sponge.

stick the end of a plastic bottle on a sponge© Media Partisans

Now fill the bottle with powdered washing-up liquid.

put dish soap in the bottle© Media Partisans

Dampen the sponge and start washing the dishes. By lightly pressing on the sponge, foam is created directly in the sponge and you can quickly remove stubborn dirt.

wash the dishes© Media Partisans

Sometimes it’s easier than you think! With these tips, you will have no more problems in the kitchen!

Even with food, there are all kinds of tricks that make life a lot easier. Instead, see these 9 tips with food. And if that’s not enough, you can also take a look at these 7 Cool Food Tips.

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