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8 unusual uses of nail polish remover

8 unusual uses of nail polish remover

Some bathroom products can have many unsuspected uses. For example, the nail polish remover: many are the places where it is found to remove nail polish. It goes without saying, isn’t it? Well it turns out that in reality this product can be useful for several other things. See for yourself :

We always have lots of objects and products at home that are versatile. (Scroll down to see the rest of the article).

1. Remove scratches from your watch

Poor man's GS

If your watch face is plastic and it is scratched, apply a few drops of nail polish remover to a tissue and rub the area to be treated. This method helps to reduce scratches which become almost invisible.

2. Dilute the dried varnish

my vampire is buff

If your varnish is no longer liquid, you can give it a second youth with nail polish remover. All you need to do is pour a few drops of nail polish remover into the varnish bottle and then shake. Your varnish will be liquid again. This method also works for Tipp-Ex and Blanco.

3. Remove the molten plastic

If for some reason you end up with melted plastic on your baking sheets, pour in nail polish remover and scrub with foil. Then clean with the product you normally use and the case is settled.

4. Remove Super Glue


Even Super Glue doesn’t stand a chance against the remover! If some drops of glue fall in the wrong place, just pour nail polish remover on it, leave it on and wipe it off. Tada! Magic, isn’t it?

5. Remove ink from fingers


If you’re a fountain pen enthusiast, you must have found yourself with inky fingers before. Make them disappear quickly and in the blink of an eye using the nail polish remover.

6. Make the porcelain shine

As porcelain ages, stains can appear and it is almost impossible to remove them with normal polishing. Apply nail polish remover to these stains and your porcelain will be like new.

7. Remove stickers and tape

Stickers and tape that have been stuck for a long time tend to be difficult to remove, and when you get there, they usually leave nasty marks. To get rid of it for good, you just need to pour a little nail polish remover on a kitchen towel and rub the traces until they are gone.

8. Clean the soles of your shoes


Are the white soles of your shoes dirty and starting to turn gray in places? If so, the soap won’t be able to do anything for you. Soak cotton in nail polish remover and rub your soles with it. They will all be white, as on the first day.

Who would have thought that the remover had so many turns in its bottle? At two euros on average, the remover climbs the scale of the essentials of the house. Must try!

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