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8 questions no one knows the answers to

8 questions no one knows the answers to

Daily life raises a number of questions. Sometimes we ask ourselves questions all our lives without finding answers. But for the following questions, it’s over. Here are 8 answers to questions that everyone has asked themselves at least once in their life but without daring to do so.

1. Why do soda bottles have an uneven bottom?

The carbon dioxide contained in sodas changes the volume of the drink depending on the temperature. In order to be able to withstand the changing pressure inside the bottle, the latter must be particularly resistant. Hence the small mounds at the bottom of the bottle.

Sprite 6-Mix

2. Why does orange juice taste so disgusting after brushing your teeth?

Toothpaste confuses the taste buds and hinders their ability to recognize sweet things and increases sensitivity to bitter things. This makes drinks, like orange juice, disgusting after brushing your teeth.

In fact, toothpaste is not just for brushing your teeth.


3. Why does the glue not stick in the tube?

In the tube, the glue remains viscous because water has been added to it as a solvent. This mass only becomes sticky when it is squeezed out of the tube and applied to a surface. This is where the glue comes into contact with the surrounding air: the water evaporates and the glue hardens.

You will find here 10 cool tips with a hot glue gun.

Super-Glue Accident

4. Why is the ice so slippery?

Ice forms when the temperature is close to its melting point (0 ° C). Water molecules are released and can no longer attach to the surface of the ice. If you walk on ice, your shoes will slip on the loose water molecules. It is comparable to a dance floor covered with marbles.

Slippery buggers

5. Who is the middle armrest for?

If three people are seated next to each other, it is difficult to know who is allowed to use the middle armrests. But most people agree that the person in the middle should be able to decide. After all, the person in the aisle has the opportunity to extend their legs, while the person at the window has the opportunity to lean against the window. Only the person in the middle lacks freedom of movement. Therefore, she should be allowed to use the middle armrests so as not to feel pressured.

Müe, I feel your pain.

6. Why do cats purr?

Most people think cats purr when they feel good. However, it turns out that purring has communicative and also healing properties. This is because it generates frequencies that can relieve pain and heal wounds. This is why cuddling with cats also has a relaxing effect on humans.

Here are also 3 DIY DIY ideas that make all cats happy.


7. Why do flies never find the way out?

Flies have compound eyes, which allow them to distinguish light from darkness very well. The open window is recognized as a source of light, but the flow of air from outside into the room causes the fly to avoid the window. It is therefore difficult for the fly to find its way.

With these 5 natural methods, you can easily drive away flies and other insects from your home.

Fly On The Window

8. Why are the wedding dresses white?

In the 19th century, most women from the upper social classes married in a dress that they could reuse for other occasions. White turned out to be a perfect color for this. Thanks to many Hollywood films, women’s nostalgia for white fairytale dresses grew even more from the 1950s onwards, so that they were produced in greater quantities and became more affordable for the classes. medium. But even today, there are still cultures in which the wedding dress is not white but red, as in China or India, a symbol of success and happiness.

Kathleen trying on Wedding Dresses

All these mysteries are finally solved! Have you been asking yourself these questions all this time too?

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