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8 popular myths that are completely false

8 popular myths that are completely false

There are tips that can save your life. There are tips that can make your life smoother. But there are also “things” which are actually big flops. Do you see which ones? Many myths often go on for years without anyone really questioning them.

These nine myths of everyday life are certainly one of them. If you’ve believed it until now, it won’t be after reading this. Do you want to bet? Let’s go:


1. Rub a part before putting it in a machine

A lot of people rub their coin on metal multiple times in the hope that the machine will eventually accept it, but that’s nonsense. It is simply due to the luck factor.

Coin rub area resistance

2. Tap the bobbin

Worried that your beer can foam when you open it? “Bang on the can,” say the elders. But other than a nice sound, nothing else happens. This is what a Danish study showed. The only thing to do when a can has been shaken too much is to wait. It is only afterwards that it can be opened without risk.

Heineken Open'er Festival;)

3. Keep your mouth closed while sleeping

It is said that on average, a person swallows 8 spiders per year in their sleep, just because they keep their mouth open while sleeping. If you’ve always forced yourself to keep your mouth shut in bed, you can quit now, because this myth is absurd.

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4. Put rice in the salt shaker

Before, we put the rice grains in the salt shaker to prevent the salt from sticking together. Today, we are adding special agents that make this trick totally obsolete.

Salt Rice Shaker

5. Oil in pasta water

If you put oil in the pasta water to keep the pasta from sticking together, that only shows one thing: you didn’t listen in physics, in school. Oil floats on water, so this “trick” is unnecessary.


6. Men fart more than women

Men may be more free when it comes to farting, but they don’t do it any more than women. On the contrary, due to their hormonal fluctuations, some doctors even think that it is likely that women fart more often.

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7. Try to break glass while singing

Many have tried, but no one has yet: singing until a wineglass breaks. Theoretically, this would be possible, because when sound waves match the natural resonance of glass, it begins to vibrate. However, the sound must be loud and above all sufficiently precise. The human voice has too many secondary oscillations for that, so it doesn’t work.

Berklee Presents: Spanish-Language Songs and Arias

8. Keep batteries in a refrigerator.

This advice is useful if you do it correctly, because low temperatures slow down the phenomenon of battery self-discharge. But this effect is again canceled out by the high humidity of the refrigerator. So, if you want to keep batteries cool, they should be put in an airtight package.

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Life is too short for tips and advice that don’t work. Here you will find other tips that really make everyday life easier:

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