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8 kitchen utensils to hunt from your kitchen

8 kitchen utensils to hunt from your kitchen

If you had to designate your favorite room in the house, what would you choose? For many people, it’s cooking. No wonder, after all, this is where we store and prepare food and we know it, happiness also comes through the stomach … In theory, the possibilities for concocting good dishes are greater if you have a well-equipped kitchen. But in practice, we always use the same utensils.

So, it’s time to do some closet cleaning. Some utensils only collect dust because they are seldom used. The following article shows you the 8 things that you can usually get rid of without a bad conscience:

1. Tupperware

It is necessary in a kitchen, it is a certainty. However, they are especially useful for people who freeze a lot or cook in large quantities. So there is no need to have more Tupperware than space in the cupboards and you can therefore get rid of broken accessories. Make according to your real needs.


2. The wok

How many times do you really take the wok out of the cupboard to cook an Asian dish? If you don’t have to cook for a large number of diners, a normal pan will do. You can therefore dispose of the wok in a good conscience.


3. The ice cream machine

How many times was the ice cream maker used last summer? If you can count on one hand, it’s time to say goodbye to this accessory. Besides, what could be better than a good ice cream bought at an ice cream parlor after a walk or bike ride?

Ice cream

4. The egg cooker

If you don’t run a hotel, you don’t need to have an egg cooker at home. It takes up too much cupboard space for nothing, as eggs can also be cooked in a pan using a timer.

Steamed Egg

5. The onion chopper

The same goes for the onion chopper. The taste does not change if the onion cubes are not all cut the same size. A knife will do the trick.

My extraordinary onion chopper!

6. The spiral slicer

The spiral slicer and the delicious zucchini noodles you can make with it have captivated every low-carb lover in recent years. If you are not one of those people, this utensil is not a must have. If you ever feel like eating zucchini noodles, you can also cut them with a peeler.


7. The centrifuge

Are you one of those people who drink fresh fruit juice every morning or who regularly bake delicious carot cakes? In this case, it is better to keep your device. Others can get rid of it to free up space in their kitchen.


8. The pretty dishes

It’s always nice to have nice dishes, but if you already have everything you need and you very rarely use the beautiful dishes, then you might as well not keep them and make room in the cupboards, no ? After all, everyone does what they want, but it can’t be said that this is really very useful.

Pretty dishes

Sometimes it’s hard to let go, but if you’re honest with yourself, you know you’re using the same cups, plates, and pans all the time. Don’t feel guilty about getting rid of things you don’t use, they will help others.

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