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8 fun activities to do with chestnuts

8 fun activities to do with chestnuts

Have you picked chestnuts this year? Generally, this is a very popular activity for children, as there is a plethora of things they can do with it after they bring them home.

Great ideas to make family life easier and more fun. (Scroll down to article).

Also, today we offer you some ideas of crafts with chestnuts, but also games!

1. The sheep

The little sheep is perfect for “beginners” in crafts and children. To do this, you need chestnuts, acorns and toothpicks or matches (for the paws). With wool and fake eyes, your creation is particularly cute. Of course, you can also let your imagination run wild and decorate it however you like.


2. The giraffe

For the giraffe, you need chestnuts and toothpicks or matches as well as yellow and brown rectangular beads to form the neck and legs or glue horns on the head.


3. The snail

The advantage of crafting with chestnuts is that you only need a few materials and you can let your creativity run wild. It’s not only fun, but it also improves your motor skills. For a snail, you can either line up several chestnuts or use body plasticine and put a chestnut on top as a shell, which you can paint and decorate.


4. The bat

This is the perfect decoration idea for Halloween. All it takes is a single chestnut, fake eyes and kraft paper wings to quickly and easily create little bats.


5. The snake

The snake is an easy animal to make from chestnuts. Just line up chestnuts of different sizes and connect them with toothpicks or string. There are different ways to pierce the fruit: if it is still soft, you can easily do it with a toothpick. However, if it is already a little older and therefore harder, it is better to use a drill.


6. The Conkers

The “Conkers“is a popular game made from chestnuts from the UK. To prepare, you drill a hole in a chestnut and thread a string, tied with a knot at the end so that it cannot come out. . Now one player holds his brown hanging in front of him with an outstretched arm and the other player tries to hit the opponent’s brown with his own brown by throwing it, via the string, at the other. The winner is the one. which makes his opponent’s chestnut burst or makes him come off the string.


7. The alphabet book

It is a game for older children who can already read and write. Use a white marker to write the letters of the alphabet, individually, on the chestnuts. We can now form short words and sentences.


8. The flying ball

Chestnuts can be used to make flying balls. Drill a hole in the light side of the chestnut with a drill, then cut a piece of fabric or crepe paper into thin strips. Turn the end of the paper or fabric to a point and put a drop of glue in the hole of the chestnut. Now press the tip of the tuft of paper or fabric into the hole using the drill. When the glue has dried, your game is ready. Who will throw the flying chestnut farthest?


A simple way to entertain your little darlings and fall back into childhood for a moment! Come on, let’s get started!

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