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8 everyday objects and their hidden functions

8 everyday objects and their hidden functions

“What is it actually for?” This question is often asked about everyday objects whose functions are not obvious at first glance. We rarely get an answer to this question but that will change with this article! The following 8 items actually have a use, just take a closer look.

1. Opening at the edge of the sink

The opening on the edge of the sink is there for a reason. On the one hand, it serves as an overflow protection: if you forget to turn off the tap, for example, the sink does not overflow because the water first flows through this opening. On the other hand, the opening serves to equalize the air pressure. Without it, the water would flow much slower due to the resistance of the drain.


2. Drawer under the oven

Most people use the small drawer under the oven as a storage space for pots, baking paper, and the like. However, it actually serves a completely different purpose. For those who need to heat many ingredients separately, they can temporarily store ready-made meals in the drawer and keep them warm until everything is ready to serve.

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3. Hollow out wine bottles

The hollow in wine bottles is called the bite. When corking, wine bottles must withstand high pressure. A flat bottom would be inclined to give way due to this pressure. However, thanks to this cavity, the pressure is better transferred to the wall of the bottle, which gives it greater resistance.

Fancy bottoms

4. Bottleneck

Have you ever wondered why soda and beer bottles have the shape they do? The design was not chosen by chance. Originally, the long neck of the bottle was designed to prevent the contents of the bottle from heating up by the heat of the hand.

Tsingtao beer

5. Hooks on cart

The small hook, which is on the child seat of the supermarket trolley, is more than practical. Indeed, it is possible to hang bags there and fill them with more fragile products which would otherwise risk being crushed under the weight of others. You can also attach a handle to it and hold the bag open with the other hand to make it easier to put food in.

Abandoned shopping cart

6. Hole in McDonald’s Ice Cream Scooper

You may have noticed that McDonald’s ice cream scoops have a hole in the middle. This is not a design flaw, but rather good thinking. Indeed, the ice cream scoop acts as an accessory for the ice cream machine. The shank of the machine is inserted into the hole in the spoon, and with the push of a button, the spoon serves as a drill. This way the ice cream is perfectly mixed with the filling.

FAIL mcdonalds southampton DIY Mc Flurry

7. Leather patches on backpacks

Today these square leather pieces are sewn onto backpacks as a style element to create a vintage look. However, they were originally used to run a rope through the two slits to attach equipment for hiking.

Vintage Eastpak Backpack

8. Backpack buckle

Many backpacks have a buckle that closes in front of the chest. Often there is a small hole on this backpack loop. It’s a whistle. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you can use this whistle to quickly and effectively draw attention to yourself.


Everything is not necessarily obvious at first glance. Sometimes you have to look twice to discover the function of objects that you thought were unnecessary.

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