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8 embarrassing everyday situations and their solutions

8 embarrassing everyday situations and their solutions

Everyone knows their share of troubles and awkward situations on a daily basis. So better to be armed when they happen: here are 8 solutions to some troublesome problems for women, but not only.

1) oily hair

Oily hair doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of hygiene, but if it bothers you, do like the Hollywood stars and transform your unwashed hair into a chic hairstyle. Not only will the “problem” go unnoticed, but you will also be a sensation!

If attention-grabbing isn’t your thing and you want to get rid of the greasy residue in no time, use baby powder. This absorbs excess sebum and gives your hair a “clean” appearance.


2) feel the sweat

For those whose perspiration smells strongly, here is an unstoppable tip: lemon. It is enough to rub the armpits with half a lemon and to pass it again after 5 minutes. Apply once daily for long term improvement.


3) The shiny T zone

When temperatures rise, we sweat a lot, even on the face. What is called the T zone can then be constantly glowing. To avoid this phenomenon, some people recommend using deodorant as a kind of foundation before makeup. However, it is absolutely necessary to use deodorants with natural ingredients to avoid any health problems.


4) The undersides visible

Have you just put on your favorite pants or dress and find you can see the outline of your underwear through the fabric? It’s annoying and can get nasty looks at you. There are several ways to avoid this: on the one hand, you can try to buy your underwear one size larger in the future. Using specially designed thongs or seamless underwear that won’t leave unsightly marks can also help avoid this embarrassing situation.

5) adhesive dresses

Is your beautiful dress stuck between your legs all the time? This is probably because of the static charge. To counteract this phenomenon, you can put a little hairspray on your dress before you leave the house. This eliminates static charge and prevents tissue from sticking to the body.


6) slippery high heels

Whether it’s for your niece’s graduation ceremony or your business anniversary: ​​high heels always give you a stylish look. But they can not only be very uncomfortable, but also extremely slippery, especially on the dance floor. To avoid the awkward fall, you just need to trace a few dots or lines of glue on the sole of your high heels, with a hot glue gun. This gives you enough grip not to slip.


7) smelly shoes

If you are visiting your friends, take off your shoes before entering the apartment and a musty smell is spreading in the living room, it is more than annoying. To avoid such a situation, sprinkle the inside of your shoes with baking powder and let sit overnight. This not only absorbs moisture, but also unpleasant odors.


8) the empty hair spray bottle

Your hair is super neat, but that damn strand that doesn’t hold is ruining everything? Take out your lacquer bottle! Ah but damn it is empty – at least you think it is. In fact, inside the packaging there is still some product residue that you can still use. In order for them to come off the bottle and you can finish your hairstyle, you just need to keep the spray bottle under hot water.


These embarrassing, sometimes cumbersome situations, which are now part of the past. At L’astucerie, we show that every problem has a solution. Hope this helps you, ladies, but also gentlemen!

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