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8 Common Mistakes When Doing DIY

8 Common Mistakes When Doing DIY

DIY is a popular hobby because, among other things, it can save a lot of money. However, the result sometimes does not live up to our expectations: torn edges, loose pegs and falling wallpapers quickly discourage amateur DIY enthusiasts.

This list of typical mistakes we make when tinkering will help you make your renovations run more smoothly:

1) Poorly measured, well cut

The classic error: when measuring, we are not really precise, but we are extremely precise when cutting them. Better to do the reverse!

In addition, always allow wood planks to acclimatize in the room for a few days before cutting them. It is not uncommon for wood to stretch or contract.


2) Line

If the wallpaper does not stick to the wall, it is usually because the surface has not been properly prepared. Take care of the plaster, wood, or masonry first before installing the wallpaper. Take the opportunity to renovate the old walls.

Bubbles can be avoided by allowing the glue to sit long enough. To prevent the seams between the strips of wallpaper from opening, they should be glued well in advance and work quickly so that the glue does not dry too quickly.


3) Bad fixings

Universal dowels are ideal for attaching photo frames or toilet roll holders. However, to mount a curtain rod or a wall cabinet, other dowels are often required. Therefore, you should always choose the anchors according to the material and condition of the wall and the expected load. Then nothing will fall.


4) Too large holes

While a hammer drill is essential for concrete walls, it should never be used for other walls! Otherwise, cinder block bricks risk breaking and causing large holes. For porous walls, such as in old buildings, you should always start with a small drill. Then rework with the correct size bit.

hole in the wall

5) broken tiles

A fully tiled bathroom is practical. But if you have to drill holes, it gets complicated. Tiles break easily and are difficult to replace. Those who do not own a diamond drill should proceed with caution:

  • Cover the area where you are going to drill with strong masking tape.
  • Use a glass bit (or a stone bit if you don’t have one).
  • Turn off the hammer drill.
  • Drill slowly with light pressure.
  • Pull the bit out of the hole while it is still spinning.

Tenants should discuss tile drilling with their landlord. If possible, it is always better to drill the joints and protect the tiles.


6) the jigsaw

Torn cutting edges are a common drawback of the jigsaw. To avoid this, you need to either turn the workpiece so that the visible side is opposite the jigsaw. You can also tape the edge of the blade with duct tape. The jigsaw should also be turned on before the saw blade touches the workpiece.

For straight cuts, it is important to guide the saw slowly and without pressure. An improvised guide rail, made of a bar that you secure with pliers, will also help you keep the saw on track. Do not remove the jigsaw until the blade is stationary.


7) Paint the wall

Everyone has probably done it before: first paint the walls with a paint roller, then finish the corners with a brush. It is better to do the reverse: paint the edges and corners first, then the surfaces. This way, you won’t have unsightly gradations afterwards.

Second mistake: start with the walls and then paint the ceiling. Especially if the walls are a different color, it can be really boring.

In general, you should always paint over wet paint to avoid ugly streaks. This also means: turn off the heating, otherwise the paint dries too quickly. Remove the tape when the paint is still wet so that it does not peel off the edges.


8) The security

Haste, lack of materials, and inexperience are the biggest risks in DIY. So no one should underestimate the importance of safety when using tools, even if it can slow you down.


With these tips, you are well protected against these missteps. If you want to learn more DIY tricks that will make your job easier and save you frustration, take a look at this article for some new tricks. This article will show you 14 repairs that are easier to do than many people think.

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