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7 Useful Things You Can Build Out Of Wood

7 Useful Things You Can Build Out Of Wood

Wooden pallets aren’t just super useful when it comes to transporting goods of all kinds from Point A to Point B, they’ve also become a major star in the DIY scene. And the reason that these humble wooden pallets have managed to work their way into everyone’s heart is that they make for fantastic furniture. Yes, with a little bit of know-how and that crafty can-do spirit, you can literally make beds, sofas, and so much more out of only a few pallets. Check out these 7 crafty wood projects to find out how to make a DIY herb garden, couch, and more out of wooden pallets!

1. Herb Garden

You’ll Need:

  • 1 wooden pallet (GMA is best)
  • hammer
  • nails
  • chalkboard paint
  • paintbrush
  • plastic mulch film
  • staple gun
  • stones
  • potting soil
  • herb seeds & plants
  • chalk

Here’s How:

1.1 Remove the two inner (usually somewhat narrower) slats from the top of the pallet, as shown in the video.

1.2 Turn the pallet so the bottom side is facing upward. Nail both of the slats you removed at a 90 ° angle below the first two wide slats.

1.3 Paint all 3 crossbars on the front of the pallet with chalkboard paint.

1.4 Now line the 4 holes or basins you made with plastic mulch film se a staple gun to fix the film to the pallet.

1.5 Fill the basins about halfway with stones.

1.6 Fill the basins up the rest of the way with potting soil. Now you can start planting the herb seeds and plants of your choice and use chalk to write down and easily identify each herb on the blackboard. And there you have it – your very own beautiful herb garden.

Herb garden

2. Mobile Relaxation Spot

Whenever you have a rough day and need to switch off for 5 minutes, it’s important to have a place where you can relax in your home or garden. Thankfully, we have just the idea, since our DIY relaxation spot is perfect all year round. Though mainly intended for your garden, the structure can be wheeled indoors for the colder months! Get the instructions for the Mobile Relaxation Spot.

Mobile Relaxation Spot

3. Pallet Sofa

DIY furniture made from wooden pallets has been a craze for years, and it’ll probably remain so for many to come. And it’s no wonder, because the charming wooden constructions are cheap to build and very flexible. In this project, for example, the upcycling of pallets results in a comfortable, homemade couch which is perfect for both outdoors in the garden and inside in your home. Get the instructions for the Pallet Sofa.

Pallet Sofa

4. Storage Bench

When it’s time to get some new furniture, most of us head out to the local furniture store. These days, there aren’t many people who would go to the trouble of making their own home furnishings. But what if it really wasn’t that much trouble at all? As you’ll see, creating a multipurpose piece of furniture to spice up your home is actually a lot easier than you’d think! Get the instructions for the Storage Bench.

Storage Bench

5. Coffee Table Bed

Everyone who lives in a small apartment with limited space knows this problem: what do you do with overnight guests if you don’t have an extra bed, spare futon, or your couch is too small or uncomfortable to sleep on? Lucky for you, the solution is pretty simple! A stylish coffee table during the day that folds out into a comfortable bed at night will solve all your storage space woes. Get the instructions for the Coffee Table Bed.

Coffee Table Bed

6. Slide-Out Pantry

You know that awkward little corner in your kitchen that’s usually between a cabinet and a wall? We’ll show you how you can build your very own pantry cabinet for your kitchen that makes perfect use of that annoying and usually useless space. Oh, and did we mention that it’s on wheels? You’ve got to give this surprisingly easy project a try! Get the instructions for the Slide-Out Pantry.

Slide-Out Pantry

7. Couch Caddy

This cozy DIY project guarantees that you will finally have order in your living room! If you don’t have room for a coffee table, yet love having all your favorite snacks and goodies right next to you when you’re watching TV, this couch caddy is the answer to all your prayers! Grab a few wooden boards and the screwdriver and craft your way to the most relaxing weekend ever. Get the instructions for the Couch Caddy.

Couch Caddy

See? It’s not hard at all to build something impressive and useful out of wood. So grab your hammer, drill, and nails, and let off some DIY steam. Pallet furniture is all the rage at the moment, so jump on this trend and start one of these awesome projects. Have fun!

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