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7 tips for cable ties

7 tips for cable ties

Since the 1950s, cable ties have been the ultimate connecting element, inexpensive, versatile and easy to use. Originally, cable ties were developed to secure different cables or even entire sets of cables to each other or to objects. But these plastic ties are also used in other fields, such as in the construction industry.

But what many don’t know is that cable ties are also very useful in everyday life. Whether it’s organizing, tidying up, arranging flowers, or fixing up, here are 7 tips with cable ties that will surprise you.

1. Repair a zipper

If the zipper has come off the zipper, you don’t have to bring the garment to the sewing room or give it away. Just attach a cable tie to the zipper and cut the end to the desired length: your zipper will work smoothly again.

Repairing a zipper with a cable tie© Media Partisans

2. Mix the paint

If a bucket of paint is left unused for a long time, a thin layer of liquid usually forms on the paint, and it must be mixed first. To do this, attach a pencil to a drill, attach two cable ties to it, and cut their ends so that they easily fit into the paint bucket. You can now mix the paint and restore it to its original consistency.

Mix the paint with cable ties© Media Partisans

3. Arrange a bouquet

A cable tie can also save flowers. If the bouquet breaks down in the vase, you can easily secure it with a cable tie and it will hold properly.

Arrange a bouquet with a cable tie© Media Partisans

4. Classify the papers

If your desk is full of loose sheets, you just need to stack them, punch them, and thread two cable ties through the holes, close them, and trim the ends.

Order papers with cable ties© Media Partisans

5. Organize the cables

Cables get tangled behind your PC or TV? You can easily avoid the bags of knots in the following way: Tie the cables with a cable tie. Then divide the different cables with additional cable ties. Repeat this at regular intervals for long cables and say goodbye to tangled cables forever.

Organize cables with cable ties© Media Partisans

6. Attach a water bottle to the backpack

Do you want to take a water bottle but you don’t have space? No problem if you hang the bottle on the outside of the backpack. You just have to tie a cable tie to the neck and another around the same cable tie, then cut off the too long ends. Then secure everything to the bag using a small carabiner.

Secure a water bottle to the backpack with cable ties© Media Partisans

7. More storage space in the cabinet

Closets are never big enough. But with the cable ties you can create a lot more storage space in your cabinet. You just have to connect several cable ties together to form a chain and cut off the protruding ends. Then hang this chain of cable ties on a hanger. You can now hang multiple hangers at different levels.

More storage space in the cabinet with cable ties© Media Partisans

These are really 7 good reasons to always have a bundle of cable ties in the house.

Moreover, cable ties are not the only articles to have surprising uses; freezer bags are also very versatile.

In the video above, you can see even more tips to make your daily life easier. Find 7 tips that amateur chefs absolutely must know as well as the 11 hidden functions that improve your daily life.

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