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7 tips against pimples and to prevent impurities

In recent months, we have had time to get used to the sanitary measures and wearing a mask. Masks are one of the things to remember when you leave the house, such as your wallet and keys.

However, the skin of many people has difficulty getting used to masks. Many suffer from pimples and impurities, a kind of acne because of the mask. But don’t worry, with a little care these impurities can be avoided. This article offers seven valuable tips against “masked”, short for “mask” and “acne”.

1. Gentle cleaning

To avoid further irritation of the irritated skin, use a mild cleansing gel daily. Facial soaps containing sea salt are particularly suitable for irritated skin covered with pimples because the salt has an antiseptic effect. In general, you should wash your face thoroughly with water morning and night. Do fewer peels and never on injured skin.

Day 63: Face Washing

2. Moisturizing mask

You can also support the healing process by applying a moisturizing mask once a week to deeply cleanse the pores. Products containing activated carbon are particularly suitable.

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3. Use cotton masks

The material the mask is made from is also crucial. Plastic masks, for example, make you sweat even more because they are not breathable. It is therefore preferable to wear a cotton mask. The fabric conducts sweat better to the outside.

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4. Change your mask regularly

According to dermatologist Dr Eric Petzold, the mask should be changed several times a day. It depends above all on the activity that you exercise. If you wear the mask only for shopping, you can wear the same mask several times in a row. However, if you work in outlets or other places where you have to wear a mask all the time, and you have to change it several times a day.

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5. Let the skin breathe

If the situation allows, the mask should be removed from the face regularly and fresh air should be able to reach the skin. At such times, it is also a good idea to spray the affected area with an antibacterial skin spray before putting the mask back on. This helps prevent inflammation caused by bacteria.

6. Give up makeup and rich creams

If possible, makeup and rich creams should be avoided. The oily creams and the thick texture of the makeup do not allow the skin to breathe enough and thus create an ideal climate for bacteria. Therefore, impurities can grow faster.

7. Acne patches

Acne patches are recommended as immediate help. These are small dressings that are glued on impurities. They contain the hydrocolloid substance, which absorbs the secretion from the wound of the affected area and dries up the pimple. In addition, the patch is firm enough to protect the affected area from the ingress of other bacteria.


With these tips, it is not so difficult to protect yourself from unpleasant impurities. Hopefully soon our skin will be able to breathe properly again.

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