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7 household tips to make your work easier

7 household tips to make your work easier

Household chores often seem endless. Fortunately, there are always new tips that make these tasks much easier. Scribbles on the walls and animal hair on the carpet? These are no longer problems with the following tips!

1) Whiteboard for the refrigerator

Post-it notes on the fridge are a thing of the past! Write your shopping list or important notes directly on the refrigerator door using a whiteboard marker. If you no longer need the notes, you can simply wipe them off with a cloth.

So that you never have to remind your roommate to tidy up the fridge again, you can just use these 8 tips to keep your fridge clean and tidy.


2) Clean the walls with a hair dryer

It’s a problem that too many parents know about: we take our eyes off it for a second and the child has already scribbled on the wall with his crayons. But with a hair dryer, you can quickly get rid of this “work of art”. It melts the wax from the pencils and the paint can be wiped off with a rag.

And here are also 17 natural products to remove stains.

Hair dryer

3) Seal open bags with a plastic bottle

The contents of opened food packages quickly become unfit for consumption. Your crisps will stay fresher longer if you place the top of a cut plastic bottle over the bag. Then pass the bag through the opening of the plastic bottle and you can close it with the cap.

And to store your food, you can also use freezer bags.


4) Mixture of olive oil and vinegar for cleaning

Vinegar is a well-known cleaning product. But if you mix it with olive oil, you get a real miracle cure. Because this mixture is ideal for cleaning surfaces. The vinegar completely removes all kinds of stains, while the olive oil gives a radiant shine.

Mixture of vinegar and olive oil

5) Microfiber cloths for cleaning without chemicals

Microfiber cloths are particularly practical. They completely clean surfaces without additional cleaning products. Dry, they absorb dust particles and wet, they can even remove grease residue without leaving a trace. This is due to the fact that the small fibers of the fabric are arranged in a triangle shape, so that they adhere particularly well to dirt.

Microfiber cloth

6) Refresh the carpet with a shower squeegee

The following tip is especially valuable for those who have pets: If you slide a shower squeegee across the carpet, it not only effectively removes pet hair, but it also loosens the carpet fibers back into place, so so that the carpet seems to live a second youth.

For pet owners, here are 9 ideas to make your pets happy.

Shower squeegee

7) Soft feather duster for hard to reach places

Everyone has these hard-to-reach places at home for cleaning. A soft duster can help all of us with its elongated shape and mobility that allows it to reach all corners, even the most twisted ones.

Flexible feather duster

For each problem there is a solution ! These 7 cleaning tips prove it. If you are still not convinced, these 9 tips for every room in the house will prove it to you once and for all!

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