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6 ways to tell if someone has access to your phone

6 ways to tell if someone has access to your phone

There can be many reasons why third parties want to access the data on your phone. Whether it’s hackers trying to steal your bank details, your employer, or a former partner, the right app can make it easy for them to monitor activity on your phone.

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A particularly glaring example is apps like FlexiSpy – they claim to be able to monitor data in the form of text, image, video, and other people’s calls without any detection. Marketing specifically targets jealous lovers or employers for spying on employees.

For the victim, a spy app is often difficult to detect. However, there are also some easy ways to tell if your phone is being spied on. Pay attention to the following warning signs:

1. Recent battery issues

A sudden increase in battery consumption or a warm case in standby mode with no apparent explanation may be the first signs of your phone being monitored. Spy apps that record data in the background also drain the battery. So pay close attention to the temperature of your phone and how often you need to charge it.

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2. You receive unusual text messages

Another clue that should caution you: unusual messages that don’t make sense and that you might consider spam. If the text message contains a seemingly random series of numbers or letters, or if you receive text messages from an unknown number, you should be vigilant as they may contain codes that indicate monitoring software installed on your phone. .

3. Your data usage is very high

A spy app can also be identified by a sudden increase in mobile data usage. Indeed, some of these applications use all the possibilities to quickly send the information gleaned on your phone. If you see an increase in your data usage while rarely surfing the internet, you should beware and inspect your phone.

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4. Your phone is exhibiting strange behaviors

If your phone screen does not turn off or suddenly turns on by itself, it may indicate that your phone is being monitored. Dangerous background processes can be responsible for this and spy on your phone. You should also be wary if your phone is taking an unusually long time to turn off or if you cannot access your camera.

5. Your phone is running slower than usual

Possible third party access to your mobile phone can also be detected by slow operation. If your phone is being spied on, it will have been slowed down by the transfer of the collected data to the hacker. If you’re sure it’s not due to the age of your smartphone or because you’ve downloaded a new app that’s consuming a lot of power, you should take a closer look at your smartphone.

6. There are unwanted apps on your phone

Most people very badly their smartphone. They know the usual programs, but very few know what is going on in the background or what apps they have on their phone. It is important to know which applications are installed on your smartphone. This is because if you haven’t installed them yourself, they may contain malware that spies and monitors your phone.

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Of course, many of the issues described can also be caused by other issues with your smartphone. This is why you should not panic when the battery is low and think that someone is listening to your phone or monitoring you. However, if you notice more than one of these signals over a long period of time, you need to get to the bottom of it in order to recognize a third party access or spy app on your phone and stop it in time.

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