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6 times when men and women are treated differently

6 times when men and women are treated differently

No matter how hard we try to achieve gender equality, there are always situations in which men and women are treated differently. The deconstruction of a patriarchal society is a struggle that never seems to end and despite the advances, double standards continue to apply at all levels, whether personal or professional. There are always preconceived ideas that unfairly lock women up in boxes and beware of them if they leave them! Here is a non-exhaustive list of these double standards that ruin women’s lives:

1. The hairs

Everyone has hair. They exist for a reason: to protect us from pathogens. They are completely natural and yet they are perceived differently in a man and a woman. While a man with hair on his chest and legs is considered particularly manly, women who grow their armpit hair tend to be seen as neglected, even repulsive.

Note : everyone is free to do what they want. With or without hair, a woman remains… a woman! Like it or not, all bodies are hairy. There are just those who prefer to take them off and those who don’t really care. So if a woman does not want to comply with patriarchal standards making a woman’s hairless body the standard of beauty, it is HER choice and it must be respected.

This is ok:

Terry's armpit

And that too!

Hairy Armpits

2. Good father versus bad mother

Parenthood is the subject of much ink and even in that, women are ALWAYS criticized! Not only, women, to be accomplished, must necessarily have children and in addition, they must absolutely devote everything to their offspring! If a mother decides to go back to work, we will often say that she neglects her children. On the other hand, the father who does exactly the same is never criticized. After all, it’s men’s role to bring home money …

Similarly, a dad who will take care of more than one child than his macho ancestors will necessarily be seen as a hero. But the mother who allows herself a quiet moment, far from the home and her children, to evacuate all the mental load who assails her will be seen as a bad mother.

Note: In parenthood, both parents must be present for their child. No task falls on one more than the other. It is therefore normal (and far from heroic) for a father to take care of his children and not only financially speaking.

Ohne Titel

3. Bad mood

Everyone has bad days, but the way it is viewed differs depending on whether it concerns a man or a woman. A man’s bad mood will be blamed on work-related fatigue or material worries, while for a woman, it will necessarily be because of her hormones. It is well known, women are necessarily angry when they have their period!

Note : Of course, in some women, hormones cause mood swings, but not only does this not affect all women, but what does it imply? That women have no legitimacy to be angry? That nothing can be the cause of the anger except the blood flowing in their panties and the hustle and bustle of hormones? There are many reasons that annoy a woman and the mediocrity of this kind of medieval prejudice is one of them.

© Getty Images

4. Hysteria

It happens that discussions animate people. If a man raises his voice and speaks vehemently, it will be said that he is passionate and inhabited by what he says. But, oh woe, if a woman adopts the same behavior, she will be accused of being hysterical!

Note : the injustice is so blatant that no argument can be added.


5. Cry

According to stereotypes, women are sensitive and fragile beings, so it doesn’t surprise anyone to see them start to cry (even in public). A man, a real one, never cries. If this happens, the man is said to be unmanly, and he may even be disqualified from his status as an alpha male.

Note : it’s time to put an end to the suffocating gender injunctions. A man remains a man even if he is sensitive and he cries. Every human being is endowed with emotions and everyone should be free to express them as they want / can without any judgment.

6. The choice of partner

So there it is also very strong! If a thin woman is dating an overweight or less handsome man, it has to be bang for the buck. But yes, finally, we know that women are materialistic and vicious and do not hesitate to use their charms to achieve their ends. On the other hand, an overweight woman who couples with a thin man is celebrated for this feat.

Note : the superficiality of this world is distressing… Not only does it show how bad and distorted the image of women is in this society, but it is also hurtful to assume that a fat man cannot be loved by a woman thin only because of his money. Where does the stupidity end?

The worst part is that these kinds of thoughts are unconscious. This is why it is very important to deconstruct and question a lot of things. We are all equal and it is by realizing this that things will really change. And who knows, maybe the world we hope for will end up really existing. Can you remember any other situations in which you felt treated differently as a woman or as a man?

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