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5 tips with lemon for the household

5 tips with lemon for the household

Lemons aren’t just for consumption. These citrus fruits are also a real versatile object in everyday life, for the household for example. They are also very useful for keeping food fresh or for drawing. Here are 5 awesome tips to do with lemons.

1. Prevent browning of avocado

Sometimes you don’t want to eat a whole avocado all day. The only problem is that the green flesh turns brown quickly. However, if you pour a little lemon juice over the sliced ​​avocado and then wrap it in cling film, the flesh will remain green.

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2. Draw with lemon juice

Many children find lemons to be too acidic and therefore avoid eating them. But little ones don’t know that lemons can turn them into real magicians, so it’s time to show them: just gently rub a cotton swab on half of a lemon so that it can absorb some juice. of lemon.

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Then draw with a cotton swab on white paper. For a game or a real work of art.

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Heat an iron and carefully run it over the drawings with lemon juice. The designs, previously invisible, become visible! Cool, huh?

3. Descale the kettle

Your kettle urgently needs descaling, but you always forget to buy a special cleaner? So here is the solution: put a few slices of lemon in the water and boil them, after that your kettle is spotless!

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4. Replace the dishwasher shelf

Lemons are a real miracle weapon in the kettle, but also in the dishwasher. If you don’t have a dishwasher tablet handy, just put some lemon juice in the tablet compartment. After washing dishes, dishes, pots and more are not only super clean, but also spread a wonderful citrus smell in the kitchen.

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5. Bleach laundry naturally

Do you know the ultimate feeling of nervousness when you discover that a garment has discolored in the wash? Well, you can breathe, we have what it takes: boil water with the discolored garment and lemon slices for 20 minutes. That’s it.

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No more doubts, you need lemons at home! It’s the all-rounder that everyone needs.

And the power of lemon doesn’t stop there, here are 9 more lemon house tips. Here are also other tips with foods that will make your life easier, if only to peel and peel them properly.

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