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5 simple Christmas decoration ideas

5 simple Christmas decoration ideas

Do you like homemade Christmas decorations? Making your own decorations allows you to get into the Christmas spirit and spend time with your family. Get inspired by these 5 super easy Christmas decoration ideas! You will see that making Christmas decorations is not that complicated.

1. Crown of pine cones

In the workshop :

  • Cones
  • Acrylic paint
  • Cardboard
  • Ribbon
  • Small pompoms
  • Hot glue

At work !

1.1 Paint the pine cones in different shades of green and let the paint dry.

paint the pine cones© Media Partisans

1.2 Cut a ring out of cardboard, paint it green and let the paint dry.

paint the cardboard ring© Media Partisans

1.3 Glue the pine cones on the cardboard ring which will become a decorative wreath. Finish it off by decorating it with pompoms and a ribbon.

crowned© Media Partisans

2. Fir star

In the workshop :

  • Ice cream sticks
  • Wood glue
  • White glue
  • Fir branches
  • Tealight candles, pine cones and hazelnuts for decoration

At work !

2.1 Glue the ice cream sticks with wood glue to form a star.

to make star with ice cream sticks© Media Partisans

2.2 Glue fir branches to the ice cream sticks with white glue.

stick branches on the star© Media Partisans

2.3 Decorate the star with tealight candles, fir branches and hazelnuts: your beautiful star is ready to be used as an advent wreath.

fir wreath© Media Partisans

3. Bells for the Christmas tree

In the workshop :

  • Empty coffee capsules
  • Elastic thread
  • Bells
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue

At work !

3.1 Make a hole in the bottom of each coffee capsule.

pierce the capsules© Media Partisans

3.2 Pass one end of the wire through a capsule and attach a bell to it. Repeat the process with the second end of the wire and the other capsule. Then tie the thread above the capsules to form a loop.

tie the capsules© Media Partisans

3.3 Tie a ribbon and your pretty Christmas bells are ready.

christmas bells© Media Partisans

4. Nativity scene in terracotta pots

In the workshop :

  • Flower pots
  • Wooden ball
  • Hot glue
  • Burlap
  • String
  • Acrylic paint or felt
  • To decorate: branches, pine cones, straw and stars

At work !

4.1 Glue a wooden ball on each clay pot.

stick a ball on the flowerpot© Media Partisans

4.2 Glue a piece of burlap to each wooden ball and secure it with a string.

glue a burlap on the ball© Media Partisans

4.3 Give the characters a face with felt-tip pens or acrylic paint and decorate them as you want: your pretty nursery is ready.

creche© Media Partisans

5. Glass snowman

In the workshop :

  • Felt
  • Hot glue
  • 3 spherical vases of different sizes
  • Artificial snow
  • Small Christmas decorations

At work !

5.1 Cut two circles of different sizes and a rectangle in the felt.

cut out the felt© Media Partisans

5.2 Glue the felt pieces together to form a hat, as shown in the video.

make a hat with the felt© Media Partisans

5.3 Fill each vase with a little artificial snow, decorate them as you wish, layer them on top of each other and put on the hat to finish: your glass snowman is ready.

glass snowman© Media Partisans

The advantage of homemade Christmas decorations is not only that you can now have unique decorations to decorate your house, but you also save money, because most of the things you need for these Christmas decorations, you already have them at home.

Here you will find even more ideas for homemade Christmas decorations:

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