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5 common questions about eggs

5 common questions about eggs

Many people are bothered by chalaz, this white filament contained in the egg, and get rid of it. But what exactly is this chalaze for? What does this mean for the egg? You’ll find out and other answers to your egg questions in this article.

1. Should the chalaz be removed?

People are often disgusted by the white thread hanging from the yolk of an egg. They think it’s the umbilical cord. This is why, in haute cuisine, eggs were once beaten through a fine sieve. But it is not necessary.

The sole function of the chalaz is to stabilize the egg yolk in the center of the egg. It is not disgusting or even toxic. On the contrary: if the chalaze is clearly visible, this indicates that the egg is particularly fresh!

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2. What does the red spot in the egg mean?

There is a myth that a small spot of blood in an egg means it has been fertilized. But these are actually small pieces of tissue that can break off during egg formation.

This happens more often in older hens than in young ones. And with organic eggs, consumers also see them more often, eggs from conventional breeding are screened in order to sort them. However, it doesn’t make any difference in taste.

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3. Can the eggs be frozen?

To keep the eggs longer, you can freeze them. However, they must be raw, because hard-boiled eggs stored in the freezer become rubbery and lose their flavor.

Freeze raw eggs without the shell, as the egg white expands when cold and the shell shatters. Well sealed, frozen eggs can be stored for 8 to 10 months.

Frozen egg

4. Why is egg white sometimes runny?

The consistency of egg whites varies from gelatinous to liquid. Liquid egg whites can be caused by two reasons: season and freshness.

In the summer, the hens drink more, which also increases the water content of the egg. With old eggs, the egg white also becomes more liquid. So you should smell them just in case.

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5. What is the best way to store eggs?

To keep fresh eggs in the fridge for as long as possible, there is a trick: place them top down! This way the inner tube is on top. Otherwise, the air bubble may rise over time and loosen the protective skin of the egg.

Besides, eggs keep well for a while without refrigeration. However, once they have been in the refrigerator, they should stay there. This is because the humid air in the refrigerator makes the egg’s natural protective layer permeable.

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Whether it’s chalaz or red spot, freezer or refrigerator, the answers to these questions will have you craving a fresh boiled egg with a pinch of salt.

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