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5 benefits for the body when you stop shaving

5 benefits for the body when you stop shaving

“It’s not beautiful, the hairs!” This is a phrase that has been passed down from generation to generation. A pernicious lie for many people! In fact, the simple fact of letting the hair grow on the body and not shaving (or waxing) so frequently can have a number of advantages, as this article shows.

1. Goodbye ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs often appear after shaving when the hairs grow back, but cannot penetrate the skin’s surface due to dead dander. This causes inflammation, pain and discomfort. It has been proven that people who do not shave prevent the annoying appearance of ingrown hairs.

Eingewachsene Haare

2. Less irritation

The bristles serve as a protective layer between two parts of the body and thus prevent, for example, the chafing and therefore the irritation and pain associated with it.


3. Body temperature is better regulated

Hair does not exist for nothing: it regulates the temperature of the body and makes it possible not to be cold. When you remove the hairs, you inevitably tend to be more sensitive to low temperatures.


4. Protection against pathogens

Shaving causes tiny cracks in the skin that allow pathogens to enter the body. Inflammation caused by shaving is not only embarrassing, but harmful to health.

Schutz vor Krankheitserregern

5. Save time and money

Every year, people spend an average of 100 euros on shaving. But that’s not all: they devote 140 days of their entire life to it. As you can see, shaving is expensive and time consuming. Save yourself all that and stop shaving!

Zeit und Geld

Unfortunately, there are still too many prejudices against body hair these days. Even if body hair has some positive effects, let’s keep in mind that everyone is free to do what he / she wants with their body. Whether with or without hair!

Those who, despite many benefits, want to keep shaving will find here 7 typical mistakes to avoid when shaving for best results.

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