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4 reasons to close the bedroom door at night

4 reasons to close the bedroom door at night

Leaving the bedroom door open at night seems like a no-brainer for 60% of people. Whether it’s to create a better indoor climate or to hear children better in an emergency. However, the following four reasons show you why it is better to keep the door closed at night.

1. Peaceful sleep

Keeping the bedroom door closed at night first and foremost limits annoying outside noise. It is thus possible to sleep much more peacefully, which guarantees a good rest.


2. Positive energy in the bedroom

According to Fēng Shu, a closed door keeps positive energy in the room. It gives you a feeling of security and safety.

Closed door to 4th bedroom

3. Better chances of survival in case of fire

While a few decades ago people had 17 minutes to take shelter in an apartment fire, the average survival time today is just 3 minutes. This is due to the fact that today more and more plastics are found in homes, which releases toxic gases in the event of a fire.

So, to have a better chance of survival in the event of an apartment fire at night, it is best to keep the doors closed. Because then the fire and the poisonous smoke that accompanies it spreads much more slowly in the apartment. According to the American Institute for Security Research, when the chamber door is opened, the temperature rises to 500 ° C in a few seconds, while when the door is closed, the temperature remains at 37 ° C for some time. A clear difference that saves lives!

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4. A faster reaction time in the event of burglary

Closed or even locked bedroom doors offer the possibility of protecting yourself in the event of a burglary and reacting more quickly. Indeed, when you press the door handle or try to open the bedroom door, the burglar makes an extra noise and it costs him time, which is to your advantage. Indeed, if a burglar does not get his hands on valuables within 5 minutes or if he notices that the occupant is at home, he usually leaves the apartment quickly.

Burglar Proof Your Home

It is up to each individual to decide whether they want to sleep with the door open or closed. Some people are not bothered by sounds or “negative energies”. However, in the event of a fire or an attempted burglary, it is always a good idea to simply lock the front door before going to bed, in order to feel a little more secure.

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