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38 decorating ideas for your home

38 decorating ideas for your home

DIY and home design ideas have long been a hit on the internet, and the popularity curve keeps rising. The reason ? There is nothing better than a cozy and personalized cozy nest. To give your four walls a warm atmosphere, nothing better than a few tips.

Today we present you 38 home decorating ideas that will give your home that little something special. We use a variety of materials such as LEGOs, vinyls, artificial flowers, picture frames and sticks. This way, we want to show you that you don’t have to go to an expensive DIY store to create your next decorating project, because in many cases you will already have everything you need at home.

Here are the 38 most beautiful DIY ideas for your personalized decoration.

1-3. Bleached leaves

Temperatures are dropping, so it’s urgent to start looking for ways to spend your time indoors rather than outdoors. There is no doubt that DIY is a great hobby, especially since nature provides an incredible amount of materials during fall.

Find out which method you can use to make the most of the gifts this sweet season offers with bleached leaves.

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4-7. Decorations with Lego

The Lego is a cult. It is often thought that only the little ones have the “right” to play with the colored bricks. Moreover, today the range of products is so vast that there is something for everyone. Fans of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, Avengers and others in the Lego universe therefore get their money’s worth. If you have a lot of Lego around the house, you should take a look at the following tips. Among other things, we DIY a lamp, a snow globe and a large clock.

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8-11. Interior decorations with creative cement

You can do a lot of things with cement, including pretty decorations. Here are 4 that are sure to surprise you.

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12-14. Decorations with plastic flowers

Artificial flowers divide. Some find them tasteless, others think it’s a great sustainable alternative to real flowers. If you are one of the group of people who normally don’t find them very attractive, check out the following 3 tips. You can make great gifts with old artificial flowers.

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15-17. 4 ideas with corks

For these tips, you will need a lot of corks. Also, ask those around you to keep them to yourself or buy them online.

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18-21. Decorations with branches

When the cool wind blows and knocks tree branches everywhere, you have to go home quickly! But before you get warm, remember to collect a few branches in your path, you will need them to make pretty decorations. How? ‘Or’ What ? Like that.

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22-25. Decorations with vinyls

Vinyls are slowly coming back into fashion and this is not to displease us. If you have vinyl in poor condition that you can no longer listen to, there are several ways to reuse it. A good way to recycle and create a nice decoration!

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26-31. Decoration ideas with photo frames

We all have photo frames at home! The irrepressible urge to have your fondest memories or loved ones within sight is often too great. Today we offer you to use your photo frames in a multitude of different ways to style your interior and sometimes even help you.

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32-35. More creative ideas with cement and yoghurt pots

Have you finished a pot of yogurt and decided, as usual, to throw it in the trash? Don’t do anything! With a little bit of cement and imagination, we can do something pretty cool, even several things!

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36-38. Decorations with cement for the garden

A garden is a bit like an outdoor lounge. That is why, for many home gardeners, it is important to spruce it up with the right decor. And it’s always more fun to do it yourself! Here are 3 extraordinary ideas for your garden that transform a corner of greenery into a second Garden of Eden using cement.

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Some of these decorative pieces are not only beautiful, but also very practical in everyday life. Best of all? It doesn’t matter what kind of craft idea you want to emulate: you’ll end up with a unique piece of art in your hands. Moreover, the decoration can also give pleasure as a gift. Have fun !

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