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32 ideas for beautiful spring decorations in the house and garden

32 ideas for beautiful spring decorations in the house and garden

Spring is here, the birds are singing, the trees are blooming and good humor takes hold of the population. We are good!

We don’t just want to welcome colorful spring to green spaces; we also want our homes, gardens, balconies and terraces to smell and look like spring.

Are you still looking for great ideas? Then you will find ideas for wonderful spring decorations here. Whether you are looking for tips for the garden, interior design or planting in general, we will put you in the mood for spring.

1-3. Decoration: 3 original ideas for arranging flowers in a vase

Flowers always enhance any room, giving them a romantic, rustic and refined side. But rather than putting a simple bouquet in a vase, here are three original ways to arrange your flowers!

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4-10. 7 tips for always beautiful plants

Want the best for your plants, but don’t really have a green thumb? Then these tips will save you! Whether pests infest your plants, midges invade your home, or you’re looking for the best fertilizer, you’ll find what you need in this article.

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11-15. 5 DIY ideas to make with flowers

Regardless of the shape and color: the flowers are beautiful. Today we invite you to exploit their beauty other than in a vase: you will create decoration and even edible things, let’s go!

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16-23. 8 tips for your garden plants: germinate strawberries, mushrooms, pineapples, etc.

Always wanted to have fruit trees in your garden? So even if you don’t have a green thumb yet, these 8 tips will help you grow a real pantry: from strawberries to mushrooms to pineapples, everything is there!

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24. Beach basket on pallets

It’s already fashionable in Deauville and it continues to spread on the beaches of Normandy and Brittany: the beach basket! Chic and perfect for weekends by the sea and to enjoy the open sea without having sand everywhere.

As it is overpriced, we show you how to create a beach basket from 8 pallets: in other words, it will cost you almost nothing!

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25-27. 3 ideas for homemade flower pots with succulents

Succulents are perfect for beautiful decorations without too much effort, as they require very little water. They store water in their leaves, stems and roots and can thus easily survive long periods of drought. Succulents are therefore ideal for beginners and those who do not have a green thumb.
However, more seasoned gardeners also appreciate succulents because these undemanding, but still pretty plants can be planted in quirky containers such as mugs, glasses or tea boxes. Here are some homemade flower pot ideas for your favorite plants.

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28. Dolls flowerpots

Spring is here and the desire to garden or to decorate your exterior is becoming more and more urgent. We have something to celebrate, an unusual tip with flower pots: adorable flower pot dolls!

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29-32. 4 crazy tips with flowers that decorating enthusiasts should know

Spring never arrives early enough for most people after long months of hibernation. Finally, the days are getting longer again, the sun gradually warms us up and here and there, a few flowers even begin to grow. Crocuses, for example, gratify us with their splendor. To get even more in the mood for spring, you can try the following 4 floral crafts.

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Pretty decoration ideas for exteriors. With these 32 spring decorating ideas, everyone will find a suitable project to achieve. Have fun and enjoy the sunshine!

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