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28 tips for tidying up and organizing your kitchen

28 tips for tidying up and organizing your kitchen

You open a drawer and see such a mess that not even a 5 tornado could leave behind. You open a cupboard and boards, lids and other containers fall on you like an avalanche. You look around the corners of your kitchen and worry about seeing all the dust and crumbs that have made it their home. On top of that, you haven’t seen the bottom of your fridge for a long time, because of the more or less fresh food that has been around for ages.

Even if you regularly clean your kitchen, the mess in your drawers, cupboards and fridge always comes back like a boomerang. Do not worry. A kitchen doesn’t have to be an organizational nightmare.

Here are 28 tips for storing and organizing your fridge and freezer, as well as your kitchen drawers and cabinets. These ideas will help you make the most of your kitchen space.

1-8. Tips for keeping your fridge clean and tidy

It may be said, there is nothing like a clean and tidy interior. And that also goes for the refrigerator! Here are 8 tips for keeping your fridge tidy.

tips for keeping your fridge clean and tidy© Media Partisans

9-14. Tips for better organization in the kitchen

If there is a challenge at home, it is to maintain order in the kitchen … Except that, even if you think otherwise, it can become child’s play, at least if you put these into practice. six tips for better organization in the kitchen.

Tips for better organization in the kitchen© Media Partisans

15. More space in the kitchen: construction of a cabinet on wheels

Tired of those nooks in the kitchen, too small to fit a standard cabinet, but at the same time big enough to let dust, crumbs, empty bottles or any other rubbish accumulate?

It’s a shame to sacrifice potential storage space. If you have such a place in your interior, here is a brilliant idea to make it useful in no time. We are going to show you how to build a kitchen cabinet on casters, in which you can store food in an orderly fashion, and which fits exactly into that much-maligned corner.

construction of a cabinet on casters© Media Partisans

16. Freeze minced meat

Freezing a large portion of ground meat is inconvenient, as most recipes tend to use small amounts. With this trick, you can easily store minced meat while saving space in your freezer.

Find this tip and many more in these 9 cooking tips that are worth their weight in gold.

Freeze minced meat© Media Partisans

17. Make a practical spice rack

Spices are essential for a perfect meal, but how to stylishly store so many different containers in the kitchen is another story. This quick and easy idea allows you to store your spices decoratively while keeping them close at hand.

In the video above you can see how to make such a spice rack yourself.

Making a practical spice rack© Media Partisans

18-20. Ideas with wood that bring order to the kitchen

At home, having a kitchen that is always tidy is probably the biggest challenge. But it’s not that hard to keep things in order. We bought some wood and put into practice three storage ideas. Order now reigns in every drawer and cupboard.

Ideas with wood that bring order to the kitchen© Media Partisans

21-26. Tips to optimize your kitchen in no time

A tidy house is a victory. Especially in the kitchen, where sometimes everything has to be done very quickly, it is much more pleasant to work in an orderly environment. The following 6 tips show you how, with few resources, it is possible to keep a kitchen organized, as it should be.

Tips to optimize your kitchen in no time© Media Partisans

27-28. Tips with magnets that make your daily life easier

You have no idea how much magnets can make your home life easier. They can, for example, keep your desk or cabinet tidy, keep young children busy for hours, or give a bottle opener a touch of magic. From now on, you should get some magnets and tidy up your kitchen.

Tips with magnets that make your daily life easier© Media Partisans

With these 28 tips, you’ll only have to tidy up and organize your kitchen once, and you can enjoy years of neatly tidy drawers and cabinets as well as a well-optimized fridge and freezer. so you have no more excuses if your kitchen is messy.

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