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20 signs that it’s the right one

20 signs that it’s the right one

If a woman has the idea of ​​falling in love with one of those “horrible furry beasts” called men, she should at least make sure to catch the right fish. Tastes are different, but there are still signs that separate “the good” from the rest of its kind.

If you check each of the following, you can be sure that you and your partner have hit the jackpot.

1) He will shave his beard for you if it bothers you.

Death of a beard

2) He can explain things to you without being patronizing. (Goodbye mansplaining!)


3) He is ready to change his habits by peeing while sitting.

[quick start technology]

4) With him, even boredom is beautiful.

sweet dreams closeup

5) He does the housework without needing any instructions from you.

Clean laundry

6) It senses when you feel bad without you even saying anything.

if it's any consolation, i think i love you

7) In bed, you are perfectly compatible.


8) With it, you can be impulsive, sad, sensual, greedy or lazy. He loves you the way you are.

The Mouthing Off Series: The Pizza-Off

9) He always buys you something you love when he goes shopping.


10) You can always count on him.

RJ and Natalie

11) With each argument, your relationship grows rather than falters.

vicious argument

12) He knows how to cheer you up, even when he’s at your lowest.

7/365: Tomorrow

13) He’s not necessarily your type of man, but you don’t really care.

love (and fun) at the Alamo

14) Even after all these years, it can still surprise you.


15) With him, the relationship remains exciting even without playing games.

May 20th, "On Saturday Night Birthday Party"

16) It inspires you.

Still Feels Like The First Time

17) You can wake him up at any time if his snoring is preventing you from sleeping.

Sleepless nights!

18) You haven’t thought about your ex in ages.

Diane & Ex-boyfriend

19) He makes you laugh so much!


In a relationship, nothing is set in stone. This is why mutual attention, support, honesty and humor are very important and help distinguish good partners from bad ones.

And you ? Have you hit the jackpot or does your partner still have development potential?

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