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20 shoppers disappointed with their online shopping

20 shoppers disappointed with their online shopping

These days, online business is at its peak. It avoids frequenting crowded shopping malls and cramped changing rooms. The choice seems endless and everything is just a click away.

Ideally, when you receive your order, it will be exactly as you expected. Except that it sometimes happens that the product received does not really correspond to what we saw online … Many people have already had the sad experience.

Tips and tricks that make life easier? And There you go ! (Scroll down to see the rest of the article).

The following 20 people wanted to share their misadventure with Internet users to warn them against shopping online. Images as funny as they are distressing that will undoubtedly make us think twice before going hunting on the Internet.

1. The fit is perfect for a 5 year old …

Taken from some Facebook article thing. I can’t stop laughing. She looks like Danielle Devito from r / ExpectationVsReality

2. “The price was very cheap, but I have the feeling that something is missing.”

Found a cheap kitchen scale. I feel like something is missing. from r / ExpectationVsReality

3. “I would have had to send 14 emails and threaten legal reprisals to finally be reimbursed for this monstrosity.”

It took me 14 emails and a chargeback threat to get them to refund me the whole amount for this monstrosity. from r / ExpectationVsReality

4. What she wanted: “I want to believe it” vs what she received: “I want to leave”.

This patch I ordered off amazon … from r / ExpectationVsReality

5. Expectation vs. reality!

What you order vs what you get from r / ExpectationVsReality

6. To say that it took 6 months to receive this … Sadness!

Expectation vs. Reality after a 6-month backorder from West Elm. from r / ExpectationVsReality

7. “My buddy ordered this costume online, I laughed all day!”

My friend bought this costume online and I’ve been laughing all day from r / ExpectationVsReality

8. How can such a thing happen?

These shoes from r / ExpectationVsReality

9. “These shorts my friend ordered from an Instagram ad is a little different from the picture.”

These shorts my friend ordered from an instagram ad … just a little bit different from the advertisement! from r / ExpectationVsReality

10. “Maybe if I fill it with water, it will be the size I expected?”

Maybe I just need to water it and it’ll grow …? from r / ExpectationVsReality

11. On the left, the product the person wanted, on the right, what they received.

What I ordered (left) vs what I got (right) from r / ExpectationVsReality

12. When it doesn’t want to …

Unexpected boobie pockets from r / ExpectationVsReality

13. “I have been waiting for this swimming pool for a month. Doggo is not really impressed.”

Waited a month for this. Doggo was not impressed. from r / ExpectationVsReality

14. “When I try to be sexy …”

When I tried to be sexy …. from r / ExpectationVsReality

15. “At least it looks good on the cat.”

My 16 year old daughter bought this thing. He’s ridiculously small. I can’t post a decent photo of her if she’s trying to wear it. But for you to see … Here is a picture of our cat wearing the top. It covers all her udders, except that she hates wool. Basically don’t buy that, even for your cat. “

Well, it fits the cat from r / ExpectationVsReality

16. The legs of this giant bear are terrifying!

Giant teddy bear from r / ExpectationVsReality

17. “When shopping for clothes on Amazon.”

When you order clothes on amazon … from r / ExpectationVsReality

18. The result was not as expected.

Sexy santa from r / ExpectationVsReality

19. He wears this dress wonderfully, unfortunately that was not what he wanted.

Slim fit longline tank top … from r / ExpectationVsReality

20. Even the colors are wrong.

Seller pictures vs reviewer pictures on Wish from r / ExpectationVsReality

Fortunately, products can be returned as quickly as ordered. And you, what has your online shopping experience been like so far? Did most of the products meet your expectations or have you already received (unpleasant) surprises?

Be sure to follow these tips and tricks on your next shopping trip, whether online or in-store:

Cover image: ©reddit / salaciouscrumb_

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