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20 fun design failures

20 fun design failures

Sometimes you wonder how certain creations came to the market. This is the case for the following 20 objects, which are so wonderfully useless that they would almost pass for art. Hang on!

1. One thing is certain, no one will risk stealing this USB key.

2. A stool that makes you look like a mythical creature.

3. The ideal urinal for avid mountaineers.

4. The 3D effect, certainly not voluntary, makes you smile.

5. So the toilet flush is filled with holy water?

6. The perfect cutlery for a diet.

7. Do you know the D system?

8. Something to cut your appetite, forever.

9. In bad taste?

10. A phone case for those who feel lonely.

11. When we are told not to eat with your fingers.

12. Why?

13. The romantic mask for dates in times of health crisis.

14. The tourist look now also available for the home!

15. We just hope it’s a wig for a fancy dress party.

16. Uh … Okay.

17. The architect gave everything for this design …

18. Everyone puts their channel wherever they want, right?

19. We all have a diva side in us.

20. The latest novelty from Parma.

Creations that fascinate as much as they leave you perplexed. One thing is certain, it is that the designers let go and did not skimp on the means to try to “stand out”. They may have gone a little too far, right?

Here are more examples of design failures here:

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