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15 tips for saving money in the garden

15 tips for saving money in the garden

No job is as beautiful as gardening. Except that this hobby can turn out to be very expensive, but if you pay attention to certain things, you can have a blooming and wonderfully well-kept garden for a small price. After all, nature doesn’t need money, does it?


1) Colonization with beneficial organisms

You can avoid the use of many pesticides if you allow enough beneficial insects in the garden: bees, butterflies and other animals, hedgehogs, lizards, even worms which maintain the biological balance.


2) Meadow instead of the lawn

A lawn is hard and expensive to maintain. Flowering meadows, on the other hand, are much easier to lay, easy to maintain, bee-friendly, and inexpensive.


3) Efficient sowing and planting

If you pay attention to the space needed for each plant when sowing and planting, you can make optimal use of your garden space. Homemade seed strips or seed patterns can make this task easier.


4) Wheels as guardians

In the garden, you do not always need expensive store-bought special tools and equipment. Often times you have a lot of things lying around in the shed or in the cellar that can be usefully used. Spoked wheels as guardians are just one example.


5) Flower pots with water tank

Planters with a water tank can save a lot of water, especially during dry summers. You can buy such containers or make them yourself using flower pots.


6) Water supply

If it doesn’t rain for weeks, a single tank of water isn’t enough. Combine multiple tanks together for a larger water supply.


7) Self-watering garden

Another way to save water for watering: If you water from the top, the water seeps into the soil without having been used or evaporates immediately. In addition, the valuable humus is often washed away by the water. It is therefore recommended to use an automatic drip irrigation system. This way, the water directly reaches the roots without washing away the fertile soil, and you have even less problems.


8) Pallet planters

The pallets are ideal for planting your plants, in gardens or on terraces and balconies.


9) Half tank

If your tank is leaking, cut it in half so you can continue using it, as shown below.


10) Plant the plants yourself

You don’t have to buy new plants every season. Perennials and herbs can be cut and it is really good for the plants. If you like your flowers, you should collect the ripe seeds in late summer and store them in the dark and dry in winter. The same goes for tomato seeds.


11) Avoid abusive purchases

If you know your garden well, you can avoid making bad purchases. There is a suitable plant for every location, whether it’s sunny, shady, dry, sandy or humid.


12) buy onions in autumn

Towards the end of the gardening season you can get some really good deals. For example, in the fall, garden centers offer many bulbs at unparalleled prices. Plant them and let them do their job.


13) Homemade compost

It’s no secret that compost has a magical effect on plants. However, kitchen scraps such as banana peels, coffee grounds, and eggshells can also be used directly to produce an effective complete fertilizer. Mix everything with a little water and prepare your fertilizer.

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14) the right mulch

Mulching helps maintain soil moisture and ensures a continuous supply of nutrients. Lightly dried grass cuttings are ideal for this purpose. However, the soil must be fertilized beforehand for the mulch to decompose properly.


15) dog hair for birds

Finally, a tip for animal lovers: collect brushed or trimmed animal hair and put it in your garden in the spring. Birds like soft material to build their nests. The presence of birds means less pests in the garden.


Gardening cheaply doesn’t mean you have to work harder. Often times, money saving tips even make gardening easier, freeing up more time for hobbies. So that the garden never becomes a burden, neither in financial terms, nor in terms of time, nor in terms of health!

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