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15 silly design ideas that only bring problems

15 silly design ideas that only bring problems

The interior and exterior design of a house always presents a number of challenges for homeowners and craftsmen. While some manage to cleverly solve these problems with their creativity and ingenuity, others only create more problems with their somewhat dumb “solutions”, which can sometimes be very dangerous. The following 15 silly design ideas should not be taken as an example!

15 “solutions” that only create problems:

1. Take a good look at where you are stepping!

2. Imagine the stress when the spin mode is activated.

3. How can you wash your hands properly under these conditions?

4. No, we hardly see anything …

5. Open that drawer and you can’t get out of the bathroom.

6. A kitchen-laundry room, everyone’s dream!

7. This device is not only unsightly, it doesn’t even work anymore.

8. Who needs a separate bathroom when you have a large closet at home?

9. For great evils, great remedies!

10. No one will notice that the shower head is not working.

11. Who thought it was a good idea to install the washing machine in the wall?

12. It can have its charm, right? No, not at all, indeed!

13. But where does this cable come from?

14. Tall people should sit down to shower.

15. To be able to wash dishes without problems in this kitchen, you must not be too tall.

Everyone has their own logic, as they say. Especially the people responsible for these 15 “solutions to problems” prove this. It is best to leave it to the real professionals who have not yet lost their common sense.

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