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15 original masks for very special occasions

15 original masks for very special occasions

Today, masks are an integral part of our daily life. In addition, they should even be worn on special occasions, such as weddings. Here are 15 examples of masks created for special events.

1. Husband and wife.

2. Lace and sequins for the bride, bow tie and suit for the groom.

3. A perfect bridal mask down to the smallest details.

4. “I said yes” – “We’re going into this damn thing”

5. Whoa!

6. A satin mask … sublime.

7. A mask as shiny as his ring.

8. Masks embroidered with beads.

9. Mask in lace for the bride and with a mustache for the groom.

10. Masks with particularly beautiful natural patterns.

11. Matching masks!

12. Masks bearing the inscription “newlyweds”.

13. Masks matching the outfit of the wearer.

14. Again, the masks go perfectly with the respective outfits.

15. For a colorful wedding.

Perfect masks for special occasions! We don’t know how long this accessory will be part of our daily life, so we might as well use it as a fashion accessory, don’t you think?

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