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15 life tips and sayings to think about from the age of 40

15 life tips and sayings to think about from the age of 40

At 40, we reach half our life expectancy. Statistically speaking, women reach it at 43 before them, men at 38. It is therefore an important step which has an impact on personal values ​​and attitudes and which highlights the wisdoms of life. that we may have known at 30, but that we did not really understand.

Our attitude to the world is subject to constant change. The first 20 years can be described as a kind of orientation search (“Who am I? What can I do? What do I want?”), Then comes the phase of big decisions up to the age of 40: the start of a professional career, the founding of a family, financial investments. Total performance is required and different life goals compete with each other.

It is only in the second half of life that many people shed some of this permanent subliminal overload. They look back and wonder what is really important to them in life. What has stood the test of time? What am I no longer ready to accept? What really matters to me?

Twitter user Jeff Richards asked people this question, asking them to name life lessons they didn’t really understand until they turned 40. Here is a small selection of the answers:

1. “You will succeed not in spite of your eccentricities and your crazy ideas, but because of them.”

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2. “You are never too old to change your life, because life is a permanent change.”

3. “Better to be alone than in bad company.”


4. “Those who insist on always wanting to be right never learn anything.”

5. “Time is more important than money. No more paid overtime!”


6. “Trends come and go. Style stays.”

7. “Happiness doesn’t need a reason. It’s the state we’re in.”

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8. “Every time you choose something, you leave something else out, and vice versa.”

9. “Time with the children is very limited. But these few moments are the most important.”

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10. “The more years go by, the rarer friends are and the more important they become.”

11. “We repent especially for sins that we have not committed.”

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12. “Success is never as satisfying as you thought before you started.”

13. “The value of leisure is vastly underestimated.”

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14. “Health is not everything in life. But without health, life is nothing.”

15. “You will care a lot less about what other people think of you when you realize that they rarely think about you.”

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The words full of wisdom and sayings that followed Jeff’s call on Twitter show that the second half of life doesn’t have to mean stagnation, but comes with a lot of self-confidence, poise, and daring. ‘insurance.

In these articles, you will find tips, life tips to ponder, and things you’d better never say:

Source: twitter / jrichlive, zeit

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