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14 people with unusual body characteristics

14 people with unusual body characteristics

The human is a wonderful being. But as if it wasn’t special enough like that, some add a layer. Indeed, some people are born with extraordinary physical characteristics or have acquired them involuntarily during their lifetime. In order to draw attention to their peculiarities, the following 14 people have collected their body characteristics in the form of pictures in a forum.

1. This boy can bend his elbow upside down because of hypermobility syndrome, which is overlexibility in the joints.

Fun fact of my body part 2 and this is weird ik from r / MigueonFanbase

2. Brachydactyly, a limb malformation, made this woman’s ring fingers too short.

I was born with short ring fingers. It look s like i have two pinkies. I’m not sure if I even have a knuckle there from r / mildlyinteresting

3. Another case of brachydactyly: this woman’s little finger is clearly shorter than a “normal” little finger.

I was born with really tiny pinkies. Usually a pinkie goes up to the third knuckle. Mine barely reaches the second from r / mildlyinteresting

4. This woman’s little fingers are twisted from birth due to clinodactyly, a malformation of the phalanges.

I was born with crooked pinkies, which is also called clinodactyly. from r / mildlyinteresting

5. This boy won the genetic lottery!

My son has symmetrical Hair Whorls which go in opposite directions. This allows him to grow a natural Mohawk. from r / mildlyinteresting

6. The birthmark on this boy’s scalp is shaped like a heart.

I was born with a heart on my head (birthmark !!) from r / peaks

7. This man has a brown eyebrow and a blond eyebrow. The same goes for her eyelashes. The reason: poliosis, which causes white discoloration of body hair such as eyelashes or eyebrows.

I was born with two different colored eyebrows and eyelashes from r / peaks

8. Cellular deficiency is driving this man’s eyes crazy.

Thought you guys might wanna see my crazy eyes from r / eyes

9. Due to a disorder of the pupil, this person’s iris appears to flow.

I was born with an extended iris. from r / peaks

10. This man has a brown spot in his black eye. This phenomenon is called sectoral heterochromia.

I was born with sectoral heterochromia, although it’s rare. from r / mildlyinteresting

11. A genetic defect gave this man a protruding navel that can be seen through any T-shirt.

I was cursed with a belly button that sticks out through my shirts from r / Wellthatsucks

12. This boy has Stickler’s syndrome: his skin is really elastic.

I was born with a very rare disease called Hereditary Progressive Arthro-ophthalmodystrophy, its a connective tissue disorder that literally makes my body fall apart. In addition to this, I also have very hypermobile joints that dislocate easily and a laundry list of other health problems. from r / WTF

13. This man has two Siamese toes from birth. It’s syndactyly.

I was born with syndactyly, which basically fused two of my toes together on both feet. from r / mildlyinteresting

14. This man’s toe has a tiny nail because of hypoplastic nails.

I was born with one really, really small stub of a toenail. from r / peaks

There is something really special about these people. With their bodily characteristics, they show us once again how unique each person is in their own way.

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