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14 inventions that make everyday life easier

14 inventions that make everyday life easier

The human mind is an inexhaustible source of ingenuity. When we think that we have already seen everything and that there is nothing more to improve, a genius, carried by his inspiration, surprises us with an idea that makes our daily life even more pleasant.

So it’s worth it to keep abreast of the latest inventions and innovations that have been devised around the world but have yet to find their place in our daily lives. In the following you will find 14 of these stroke geniuses:

1) This ice cream stick is both an advertisement for a brand of toothpaste and a general reminder to remember to brush your teeth after eating.

2) This product is still in the testing phase and is therefore not yet on the market: a splint straight out of a 3D printer.

This splint is made up of two parts and the holes allow better follow-up by the doctor.

My moms 3D printed cast. She can take a shower with it! from r / peaks

3) A pizza box that you can wrap and store leftovers with. Just remove the cover and fold the box in the appropriate place.

This pizza box can be torn in half and folded to create a smaller box for leftovers from r / mildlyinteresting

4) The adhesive tape that seals this box leaves glue residue after removal: “Box has been opened”. That way, we know what to expect!

This sticker, when pulled off, leaves behind a silver residue saying “box opened” from r / mildlyinteresting

5) A set of original bookmarks. They not only create the skyline of Tokyo or New York, but also put cinema in the spotlight, including Godzilla and King Kong.

6) A stand to hold the cover so that you always have the puzzle design in front of you.

This puzzle comes with a box stand so you can reference the completed puzzle easily. from r / mildlyinteresting

7) A simple and elegant solution to distinguish which chain to use to turn on the light and which to turn on the fan.

these ceiling fan and light bulb chain pulls in my best friends childhood home from r / DesignPorn

8) This way you know where you should not be if you want to avoid small accidents.

This tile that lets you know if you’ll be hit by the opening door. from r / mildlyinteresting

9) There is not really a particular use, but we can congratulate the design of this bench which, in front of a bookcase, really throws it!

This bench that looks like a book from r / DesignPorn

10) A flat pen that doubles as a bookmark.

11) A toilet door with a smaller door for children … so cute!

This toilet door with an extra door for children from r / mildlyinteresting

12) 2 in 1!

This salt / pepper shaker from r / DesignPorn

13) For anyone whose kitchen is too small for a stove: separate hotplates that can be hung on the wall when not in use.

14) These pedestrian boxes at traffic lights are already used by everyone, but they have a feature that few people have noticed: engravings indicating to blind people the number of lanes on the road and the presence or not of a central island. This allows the visually impaired to know how far away the opposite sidewalk is.

The case shown here comes from Luxembourg.

This cross walk signal button has signage for Blind people showing exactly how many lanes they have to cross and direction of traffic. Bonus points for making the signage modular which can be changed lego blocks style. In Luxembourg 🇱🇺 city. from r / DesignPorn

This is not much, of course, but these inventions help to make life easier for citizens. What do you think ?

Cover images: ©Reddit / xventriloquist ©Instagram / designbunker

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