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13 DIY projects made during containment

13 DIY projects made during containment

There is no doubt that the current situation is straining everyone’s nerves. Daily life is limited to work and compulsory tasks, such as shopping or cleaning. Curfews and lockdowns in some areas frustrate many people who don’t know what to do with their free time, locked in their homes. It’s not easy to find motivation on a daily basis. However, some have decided to take advantage of this moment to carry out projects that they had postponed for months, even years: the installation of a terrace, the renovation of the bathroom or the construction of a table. , for example. Here are some photos of exploits achieved in these difficult times:

Do you want to give this little something to your interior? Here you will find ideas and inspiration. (Scroll down to the article).

1. A new terrace which seems to please everyone.

Covid-19 DIY project from r / landscaping

2. “We don’t have room for a dining table at home, so I made a folding table from a walnut tree.”

We don’t have space for a dining table in our apartmant, so I have made a walnut lift-top table. (inspiration from Make Something YouTube channel) from r / woodworking

3. “My second containment project: a mountain-shaped shelf for my son’s bedroom. It’s almost a little too simple compared to the other masterpieces on this list, but I’m proud of the result, especially the peaks. “

Second quarantine project, mountain shelves for my son’s big boy room using simple pine board. Almost embarrassingly simply compared to the master pieces on this sub, but I’m proud of how it came out, especially the white caps. from r / woodworking

4. “I was bored so I decided to paint my bedroom wall.”

I got bored and decided to paint my room … from r / quarantineactivities

5. “My Covid-19 renovation project.”

My Covid-19 home project from r / peaks

6. “My homemade ‘tree of life’ shaped sun catcher”.

DIY Tree of Life Suncatcher from r / crafts

7. A home-made brazier for balmy summer evenings.

8. A huge cat tree!

Craig is loving his quarantine cat castle. Especially now that it includes open patios at perfect heights for swatting at human heads. from r / quarantineactivities

9. “I spent my first week in confinement building this greenhouse. All beds are about one foot deep.”

Spent the first week of quarantine building this greenhouse, all the beds are 30cm deep. from r / gardening

10. A barely recognizable bathroom after confinement.

My covid-19 project … from r / peaks

11. “My second DIY containment project: a bunk bed for my son’s glasses.”

Quarantine Project # 2: A Bunk Bed for My Son’s GLASSES from r / woodworking

12. “Since we moved into our new apartment before confinement, we’ve had time to pimp our backyard! We’ve done everything ourselves and can’t wait to garden.”

Moved into a new apartment before quarantine started, gave us some time to upgrade our side yard! We built all the planters ourselves and are really excited to try gardening for the first time. from r / quarantineactivities

13. “My containment project. A digital drawing, laser cut in 10 plywood layers, stained brown. No name.”

My quarantine project. Digital design, laser cut into 10 layers of plywood, stained brown. No name from r / peaks

These people took advantage of this “break” in the frenzy of everyday life to take care of all the projects they had put off. It is a very good thing. Let’s try to bring out our creative side to take advantage of this situation. Courage and good project!

Here you will find other DIY ideas:

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Cover images: © / ben_aj_84

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