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12 simple wooden furniture to build yourself

12 simple wooden furniture to build yourself

The best way to relax is to find yourself in a warm and personalized atmosphere. But stylish furniture is either very expensive or mass production. The proof: almost all apartments are furnished with half of the IKEA range. If you want to give a touch of extravagance to your interior without exhausting all your savings, then you have to do it yourself. And that’s where we come in: we’re going to show you 12 DIY wooden furniture. Whatever room in your home you want to decorate, you are sure to find something here.

1. An armrest shelf that keeps the sofa tidy

This DIY project will keep your sofa tidy. If you don’t have room for a coffee table, this armrest is the perfect alternative. If you like to spend your free time in front of the TV on your couch, your worst nightmare is probably the clutter on the couch. Magazines, packets of crisps, books, a smartphone and maybe even a laptop or tablet. Not to mention the various remote controls. And where to put your glass of wine without risking it to drop?

To bring some order to this chaos, you have to tinker a little. Thanks to this armrest, you will again have enough space to enjoy the movie night in a relaxed way. So take a few planks of wood, a cordless drill and nothing will stand in the way of your relaxing weekend on the sofa.

armrest board for sofa© Media Partisans

2. Wall-mounted coat rack made with forks

L’Astucerie loves to offer you DIY decorating ideas that are both simple and original. Today you will need a kitchen essential that you will use in a funny way: the fork. For the DIY coat rack, it’s here.

fork coat rack© Media Partisans

3.-5. Designer furniture from old objects

Designer furniture is unfortunately very expensive most of the time. Furniture giant Ikea realized this was a gap in the market and combined design with mass production. But when the whole apartment is equipped with Lack, Billy, etc. the personal touch is lost.

With our 3 DIY furniture ideas, we show you how simple and original it is to create your own design objects. Everything you need is probably already in your home.

homemade designer furniture© Media Partisans

6. Phosphorescent table

A table is an extremely simple piece of furniture, consisting of a top that usually rests on four legs. If you want to spice up this simplicity a bit, the following project might be what you need, because here the table is not only optically embellished, it has a very special effect in the dark.

phosphorescent table© Media Partisans

7. Bed in the homemade table

If you live in a small apartment but often have people staying overnight in your house, surely you know this problem: the sofa so small that the guest has to sleep on the hard and uncomfortable floor. In addition, sheets, air mattresses and the like are difficult to store in an already cramped apartment.

There is, however, a simple solution to this: a bed that is both a table that can fit into any small space and also has a decorative aspect. In this video, you will see how to easily build this versatile piece of furniture yourself.

bed in a table© Media Partisans

8. Cozy bench in pallets

Pallet furniture is really the trend of the moment. When you look at the very low prices of pallets and all that you can do with them, you quickly understand why! Here’s how to transform these famous pallets into a cozy bench.

bench seat with pallets© Media Partisans

9. Shoe bench on casters

Whenever we need an extra piece of furniture, we rush to the store or the Internet to find what we are looking for. However, sometimes building your own piece of furniture takes much less time and money and is very easy to do.

Find the instructions for the shoe bench by clicking here.

shoe bench on casters© Media Partisans

10. Wardrobe on casters

Tired of those nooks in the kitchen, too small to fit a standard cabinet, but at the same time big enough to let dust, crumbs, empty bottles or any other rubbish accumulate?

It’s a shame to sacrifice potential storage space. If you have such a place in your interior, here is a brilliant idea to make it useful in no time. We are going to show you how to build a kitchen cabinet on casters, in which you can store food in an orderly way and that fits exactly in that much-maligned corner.

cabinet on casters© Media Partisans

11. Table with storage space

Having more space in the living room is what tenants of small apartments want. Many of them love IKEA because there is space-saving furniture there at a reasonable price. The small table called “Lack”, particularly popular, fits perfectly into a small cozy room. But it doesn’t take much for everyday objects to cover the surface and create a mess. This DIY can help you solve this problem, thanks to a hidden compartment in the table, in which you can easily store your remotes, candy and other utensils.

table with storage space© Media Partisans

12. Beautiful beach basket with only 8 pallets

It’s already fashionable in Deauville and it continues to spread on the beaches of Normandy and Brittany: the beach basket! Chic and perfect for weekends by the sea and to enjoy the sea without having sand everywhere.

As it is overpriced, we show you how to create a beach basket from 8 pallets: in other words, it will cost you almost nothing!

beach basket in pallets© Media Partisans

Each of these homemade wooden furniture is unique and will give your home a personal touch. Who needs overpriced designer stores or cheap mass-market goods when you have two hands, wood, tools and creativity?

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