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12 double function units

12 double function units

Furniture with hidden functions is more than just a gadget. Some save space, others offer additional storage space, and still others make life difficult for thieves. The creativity of these ideas is always surprising.

Other DIY ideas. (The article can be found below the video.)

Whether it’s a multifunction table to furnish your small apartment or a shelf with a secret compartment, these dual-function pieces of furniture are a source of decoration inspiration.

12 double function units:

1. It looks like an ordinary hallway shelf …

but it hides a secret compartment for the keys and a few euros.

2. The perfect coffee table for telecommuting.

3. Or do you prefer a coffee table with a guest bed? Find out how you can build this bed yourself in this video.

bed in home made table© MediaPartisans

4. This kitchen dresser folds out like a table. Useful when you just want a quick bite to eat.

5. An entire desk hidden in a box.

6. Both coat rack and key ring.

7. When photo frame and library merge.

8. The somewhat unsightly thermostat is discreetly covered by a painting.

9. For larger technical systems, an entire shelf is required.

10. In no time, this folding table turns into a beautiful photo frame.

11. Barely visible from the outside: behind the mirror is a sliding jewelry compartment.

12. For secret storage of snacks near the sofa: the IKEA table with secret compartment.

IKEA table with secret compartment© MediaPartisans

As you can see, you can even build some of these multi-purpose furniture yourself. Don’t you want to have one at home?

Cover images: ©pinterest / diyeasycrafts ©pinterest / diyeasycrafts

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